Armijo: The power of attitude in daily life |

Armijo: The power of attitude in daily life

Our attitude holds tremendous power over our daily lives. Attitude designates our approach to events, people, places, and activities. If we operate throughout our day with a positive attitude we will receive positive results, therefore, we’re more likely to have a wonderful day. When we allow ourselves to operate from a negative attitude we can expect negative results and most likely, a terrible day.

Attitude is responsible for acquiring that new job or relationship. It is responsible for our perceived attractiveness and approachability. Attitude is what separates successful individuals from the unsuccessful. Attitude can also be infectious to others in a positive or negative manner.

Have you ever had a job interview in which you were confident the position was meant for you? You may have felt as though you were standing on top of the world and, at that very moment, all the stars in the universe had aligned for you. This feeling was definitely accompanied by a positive attitude.

When we exude a positive attitude we feel invincible, grateful, abundant, and fulfilled all at once. The positive attitude is responsible for what some describe as “animal magnetism” or even “sexual energy.” Those who operate from a positive attitude are the same people who draw attention in a crowded room.

A confident and positive attitude bypasses all notions of superficial beauty. Have you ever met someone who exudes positivity and a confident attitude? There is almost something magical about them. They may not meet a superficial standard of beauty but they often seem to be the most desired people in the room. It is their attitude, positive outlook on life, love for themselves, and others that create an alchemy of abundance and joy in their lives.

Most people allow other people’s attitude to directly influence their own. This is akin to jumping into the ocean in a boat without a motor or even paddles for guidance. They are at the complete mercy of the attitudes around them. This means they will feel their coworkers’ angry attitude toward workplace issues and begin to carry this attitude around as well. If they allow this to become a habit, they will likely begin to resent their job.

Those who maintain control over their attitude will usually prefer to stay in a positive state. These are the people who face a challenge and relish in overcoming it. It does not mean overcoming challenges will be any easier, but a positive attitude will definitely make them more manageable from the beginning. A positive attitude acts as a sort of shield from naysayers and fear mongers. A positive attitude will allow you to become immune to the outside noise and instead focus on your own goals without impudence.

Attitude can decide your day even before it begins. If you wake up with a poor attitude due to a lack of sleep or your loud alarm clock, you will likely have a difficult day. Consequently, if you wake up to your favorite song playing and morning rays of sunlight on your face, you are more likely to have a good attitude and thus, a positive day will follow.

We should be more cognizant of our attitude and how we are affecting others. Those challenging days can cause our attitude to be negative and the unfortunate souls who we come into contact with may come away with a negative perception of us. Attitude is infectious. Have you ever met a person with a positive attitude who just leaves others in a state of bliss just by their mere presence? It is an incredible sight to behold.

The choice is up to us to choose if our days will be positive or negative but most people will be content to blame outside circumstances for their negative day and negative attitude. Blame may be an easy scapegoat but it will never allow for growth and change. Are you choosing to allow your attitude to affect your day in a negative manner or are you choosing to keep your attitude positive and uplifting? Only you will know that answer and only you can decide to change.

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