Armijo: The power of focus |

Armijo: The power of focus

Focus is a skill that most people are sorely lacking. I definitely lacked the ability to focus and would pride myself on my ability to multitask instead. Throughout high school and college, I was able to complete my school work while talking on the phone and listening to music in the background while still earning high marks on my projects. I thought I had it all locked down, but I was very wrong. My lack of focus was actually a detriment and not a benefit.

Many of us think multitasking is great and productive but that is not the case. Multitasking is something we do on a daily basis, especially as parents, teachers, business owners, or business leaders. However, too much multitasking allows us to be only partially effective in what we are trying to accomplish. This is because our attention is directed to a variety of different areas at any given time. We really begin to shine when we learn to focus.

Many business owners are the worst when it comes to focusing. They have a mentality that they must do everything themselves. They must handle operations, marketing, payroll, etc. This usually leads to sub-par results and spending more time, energy, and usually money, even though they are intending to do the opposite. This is because their multitasking usually isn’t as good as they think it is and they are lacking focus as to where their strengths can really benefit their business. Owners don’t realize that hiring a professional to handle certain aspects of their business while they focus on what they do best will yield better results all around.

Most of us believe multitasking is helping us to be more productive in our lives but our results leave much to be desired. If we learn to focus on the parts of our lives we want to improve and maintain that focus over an extended period of time, we will begin to make more significant progress. For example, professional athletes have an excellent ability to maintain focus. They may focus on running a single drill over and over until it becomes second nature. It almost seems as though they have a one-track mind. We can practice the same thing in our own lives.

So how can an average person increase their ability to focus? They must first determine what it is they would like to focus on. For example, if someone wanted to start their own business, they must focus on the specific type of business, who it will serve, and how it will generate an income. Their focus will be separated into a series of steps such as:

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  • What type of business?
  • Who is the ideal audience?
  • How will it generate an income?

Taking steps to allow total focus on each step which will provide the best results. As these steps are accomplished, new ones will take their place. This same method can be applied for those who want to be better parents, better spouses, getting back in shape, learning to cook, etc.

Our problem typically lies in the fact that there are many other things in this world competing for our attention, thus derailing our focus. These things such as media, politics, our jobs, our family, etc. are very effective in hindering our focus. Some can be controlled, such as media and politics, by consciously deciding not to partake in them. Others such as family and work will require creativity to manage, but it can be done. Begin with an exercise like the one below.

The Abraham-Hicks ​17-Seconds to Manifesting Desire Exercise​ states: A sustained thought (focus) can be effective in helping you achieve your desires if held for as little as 17 seconds per day. This may sound very easy initially, but I challenge you to simply count to 17 without having any other thought interrupt your count and see how it goes. Once you feel comfortable begin to hold your focus on something else (i.e. I am healthy and fit) for 17 seconds. It will take practice. You will be able to turn the 17 seconds into 34 seconds and then 68 seconds and so on. Once it becomes habitual, your subconscious mind will begin to help you reach your focused goal which will be discussed in another segment.

If we think of multitasking as a firework that explodes in multiple different directions, then focus is a rocket heading directly for an intended goal. Focus is laser-like attention toward a goal we want to accomplish. True focus is based on clarity and intent and is almost like a superpower that is available to us all.

Focus allows us the ability to concentrate our energy on one specific idea, thought, problem, or goal. When we embrace our ability to focus it allows us to get better and better at whatever it is we are trying to accomplish. It allows us to become unstoppable when faced with unseen challenges, and we experience less stress overall. Focus is the key to creating the desired change in our lives. Are you a multitasker or a focused individual?

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