Armijo: What are paradigms and how do they affect us? |

Armijo: What are paradigms and how do they affect us?

Paradigms are a topic that most people are unfamiliar with but they affect each and every one of us on a daily basis. What exactly are paradigms? Paradigms are basically a pattern that we have conditioned ourselves to follow. This conditioning may have come from outside sources such as our parents, guardians, religious institutions, educational systems, and media.

Although we may not be aware of them, paradigms influence us every day of our lives. It is easier to think of a paradigm as an internal thermostat. Our paradigm (internal thermostat) ensures that we adhere to our programming. This has a direct impact on our financial status, self-confidence, relationships, and more.

Similar to a thermostat, a paradigm will correct our course if we veer too far away from our preset program. An example of a paradigm in action would be a multimillion-dollar lottery winner who has lived in poverty all of his life. A poverty mindset would be their paradigm. However, when millions of dollars come into their lives it may initially seem like a blessing, but if their paradigm is not set to match their new wealth, they will inevitably lose their money ensuring they return to their normal programming.

This is why so many big winners in the lottery end up with nothing. Their internal program (paradigm) senses that they are not living within their preset pattern, therefore the paradigm must kick in to ensure they are living within their preset beliefs. This is just like a thermostat in a home that kicks in when the temperature gets too hot or too cold.

Another example is a person who is overweight and loses a lot of weight through a diet. If the person has not changed their paradigm about being overweight, they will see that weight return. I can remember watching Oprah with my mom when I was younger, and seeing Oprah’s excitement after she lost a significant amount of weight. Unfortunately, months later she was back to being overweight. Today, after working with Tony Robbins, she looks great and has kept the excess weight off because she was able to change her paradigm.

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Paradigms can help or hinder us if we are not aware of them. Those who have been programmed to believe that relationships are based upon lies and abuse will continue to seek out and engage in those types of relationships. Those who believe love is abundant and is available to all will attract loving relationships. Those who believe all men are cheaters will attract a cheater and so on and so forth.

Our paradigms may be instantly recognizable to us at times and a mystery at other times. Past life regression hypnosis is often used to find and identify these paradigms to address current issues in a person’s life. The subconscious mind is where these paradigms reside. Once these paradigms can be identified they can be adjusted to allow us the life we want to live.

In most cases it is not necessary to identify all of our paradigms, it is just a matter of reprogramming our beliefs. This reprogramming can only take place within our subconscious. If our conscious mind is like the screen displaying data from our computer, our subconscious mind is like the hard drive containing every little thing that has ever been put into it.

Our subconscious mind does not discriminate between the negative or positive messages it receives. This is why it is important to regulate what you are surrounding yourself with. The nightly news media is usually filled with messages that shape our paradigm in one form or another such as violence, virus outbreaks, financial disasters, income, or political messages designed to get your blood boiling. Some media such as movies, books, magazines, or video games influence our paradigm in the same manner. Also, be aware of your interactions with that person in your life who is always complaining about everything wrong in the world.

This does not mean that you have to stop engaging in these things, but just be aware of the messages you may be receiving, both consciously and unconsciously. I used to love watching horror movies, but once I began to change my paradigm I found them no longer enjoyable. Today, I engage in media that brings a smile to my face such as comedic movies and fantasy stories that inspire my imagination.

There are plenty of tools that can be utilized to change your paradigm. A simple way to begin is to use affirmations on a daily basis that will reinforce your desires. Meditation is another great way to reprogram your paradigm because it quiets and calms the mind. Hypnosis can be used to quiet the mind while installing messages geared toward your goals such as weight-loss, wealth accumulation, self-confidence, and more.

The aforementioned tools may seem advanced for some, but YouTube offers some great channels dedicated to hypnosis and meditation. If you have trouble calming your mind for meditation there are some great options that can be listened to as you fall asleep. Keep in mind none of this will have an impact on your paradigm unless a change is truly desired.

When we begin to recognize our paradigms we will gain much more control over our lives. As we become better and better with replacing old paradigms, our lives will become more abundant, joyful, and loving. If your life is not exactly as you imagined — take inventory of your thoughts and see if you can find a paradigm that may be blocking you from the life you have dreamed of.

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