Armijo: When joy is A habit |

Armijo: When joy is A habit

“When joy is a habit, love is a reflex”​ — Bob Goff

This simple quote encompasses so much truth that is often overlooked. As human beings, we tend to complicate just about everything in our lives when it could all be so simple and easy. Somewhere along the line, we gained the idea that the harder we work the better the results but quite frankly, the opposite is true.

The simplest and best way to live a fulfilling life is to live from a place of joy. Many people are trying to get to a specific point in life so they can allow themselves to be joyful. However, it needs to be understood that our future is based upon what we are doing today. So how can a person expect to find joy in the future if they are unwilling to allow themselves to be joyful today? The short answer is that it cannot be done.

Each and every one of us has the ability to allow ourselves to be joyful, loved, and abundant right now. We can do this without the need for anything else to take place in our lives. We just need to shed the conditions we place on things such as when I lose this much weight, I will be happy and joyful or when I make this much money I will be joyful. Stop setting conditions for your joy.

Joy is one of the highest vibratory emotions we can celebrate in our lives. Those who live from a place of joy are usually more successful in their lives. They have more friends, better health, live abundant lives, and are able to experience more in life because they do not allow themselves to be emotionally manipulated over every little thing that may arise. These people are more open-minded and have the ability to think critically in their lives.

How does joy differ from happiness? Happiness is a wonderful feeling which lasts for a temporary amount of time whereas joy is a permanent state of being which is carried from moment to moment. Joy is like having your favorite ice cream all the time. Happiness is the delicious cherry on top that only appears now and then. However, when you are living from a state of joy it does not matter how long your happiness lasts because a state of joy encourages an abundance of happy events.

Joy is the precursor to all good things in life. If we seek to have love in our lives, we must first begin from a place of joy. If we want to have abundance in our lives (financial or otherwise), we must first begin from a place of joy. If we want to have absolute health in our lives, it can only happen from a state of joy.

This will sound esoteric to many people reading this. This is because our world is akin to an educational system. We must first complete one lesson before we can competently move on to the next one. This is why some people will see the value in this column and others will see it as a waste of their time. It is OK to be either person as we all learn at our own pace.

There are those people who will seek out joy and in return, joy will seek them out. There are others who will prefer the 3D realm in which what they see is all they want to believe exists. We have the freedom to choose our path in this life and nobody can tell us otherwise.

Joy and love go hand in hand. Those who are most joyful can express a fuller love to others. They can express a type of love without limits or conditions. This is because joy is a catalyst for all good things to permeate our lives. People love those who are joyous. It is often a contagious feeling when we are next to joyous individuals.

My grandparents, especially my grandfather, had the warmth of love and joy about him. In fact, it seemed as though he radiated love and joy. There was always a feeling of comfort by being in his presence and I would always leave him feeling better than when I would arrive. Hopefully, you have been able to experience someone like that or have been able to create that experience for others.

When we live from a place of joy, nothing else matters. Joy allows us to find faith in our universe (God or Allah), therefore we no longer worry about frivolous matters. Joy allows us to turn off the negative messaging of the mainstream media and to stop concerning ourselves with other people’s opinions. Living from joy enables us to create our own lives from within instead of looking to the outside world for guidance.

Joy is the foundation for love and they are dependent upon each other. A person cannot find true love if they are not living from a place of joy. If you want to live from a place of joy, then turn off the TV, stop reading the mainstream news, get away from social media, and look within. We are very unique individuals, each with our own thought process and belief systems, therefore it only makes sense we hold all of the answers to our own questions within ourselves — including our path to joy.

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