Ask a Broker: What role does technology play in our homes? |

Ask a Broker: What role does technology play in our homes?

Donna Caynoski
On Real Estate

Dear Donna: What role does technology play in our homes?

Donna: That’s a good question, especially right now when we’re all spending a lot more time at our places of residence. Our homes have literally become our safe havens, our offices, our school rooms, our sanctuaries. During this time, homeowners are using technology to help them feel safe, informed, comfortable and entertained.

In the luxury market, which is where my focus is, homeowners want the ability to set scenes and control the environment in their house remotely from iPads and iPhones. Their security systems include such elements as complex locking systems and cameras. Some homes have fingerprint scans to access rooms, and others have motorized shades that make for a cool and quiet interior.

HumanCentric lighting has recently become an important technology for luxury homes as well. This essentially brings outside lighting into the home and enhances its warmth. We’re also seeing more oxygenation systems in homes, which allow owners to adjust the altitude levels indoors. Media rooms and theaters are still big desirables as well. Many families moved from their primary homes in big cities to their Vail residences to wait this time out, which means these home technologies are particularly important while hunkering down for an indeterminate amount of time. Many AV companies in the area are maintaining critical network systems during this challenging time, helping to keep everything from our alarm systems to our streaming services running.

Technology is not just desired in high-end homes though. All homeowners can take advantage of some of the latest gadgets. For security, products like Nest and Ring are extremely convenient. These allow homeowners to set up home security systems with video doorbells, cameras, alarms and smart lighting. They also offer thermostats and smoke and carbon monoxide sensors. Virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and JoshAI are convenient for everything from playing music, listening to your favorite podcast, to reminding you of that virtual happy hour you have scheduled with friends.

Technology is now a nearly essential part of every home. We should embrace it during these challenging times and stay connected with our friends, family, and community.

Donna Caynoski has worked in high-end real estate in Vail Village for over 32 years. Her experiences vary from sales to property management, as well as acting as vice president of two boutique real estate firms, implementing business plans, sophisticated marketing plans and management of top brokers. She’s consistently one of the top-producing brokers in Vail, obtaining record prices for homes in precious locations that are often irreplaceable.

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