Ask yourself, what is a Colorado way of life worth to each of us? (letter) |

Ask yourself, what is a Colorado way of life worth to each of us? (letter)


In the Sunday, Oct. 7, Denver Post, they asked, “What is a Colorado way of life worth to each of us?” Good question. To me, one of the things it’s worth is the extension of the Open Space Tax that has funded so many high-quality projects in Eagle County.

From the Eagle Valley to the Roaring Fork Valley, Open Space has funded projects that have provided the opportunities for such activities as hiking, biking, rafting, sport riding and fishing, among others. It has funded lands for wildlife habitat, river quality, preservation of scenic views and the historic ranching character of Eagle County. Open Space funds have worked to preserve the Eagle County that we all enjoy.

The Open Space Advisory Committee has come to demand more and more from the projects it has selectively funded in order to provide the most public benefit for our residents and guests alike. The Open Space program has leveraged funds so that our Open Space dollars have paid for approximately 63 percent of the acquisitions, while outside entities have funded approximately 37 percent, enabling us to do the most with our county dollars.

We have an opportunity to continue to preserve key portions of our county so that we, as well as future generations, may enjoy the land and activities that exist today. 1A provides us the opportunity to do this by extending the Open Space funding for 15 years without increasing our annual tax bill. To do this, you have to answer the Denver Post’s question and say that the Eagle County “way of life” is worth voting yes on 1A.

Tom Edwards


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