Attorney general candidate Phil Weiser has vision for the state of Colorado (letter) |

Attorney general candidate Phil Weiser has vision for the state of Colorado (letter)

To the editor: I support the election of Phil Weiser as attorney general. Phil is eminently qualified to be the “attorney for the state.”

The television ads attacking Phil for not having spent his career in a courtroom are nonsense. They are an attempt to mislead the public as to the role of an attorney general. The attorney general position is an executive one, establishing and executing policy on issues as diverse as water rights, antitrust and consumer protection and managing almost 500 employees, including scores of lawyers.

Phil’s background and experience are a perfect fit for the role of attorney general. He managed dozens of lawyers while handling complex litigation to protect consumers at the U.S. Department of Justice. He served as dean and chief executive of the University of Colorado law school. He has the executive expertise necessary to manage the attorney general’s office.

Further, Phil is a man of great integrity and intelligence. He refuses to engage in false and divisive campaign rhetoric. He has run a positive campaign based on his vision for the state of Colorado and his commitment to the people of our state. Please join me in voting for Phil.

Lois Van Deusen


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