Attorney general is Holder of a hot seat

There is a foul smell in Washington. Actually, there are three sources of the stink.

One is the Benghazi attack, a subject that this writer has covered a number of times. One of the main unanswered questions is what was Obama doing while our people were being killed, probably for lack of action by either Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, the president or both.

The second is the Internal Revenue Service investigation and intimidation of members of the conservative philosophy by auditing personal records, delaying applications and extremely objectionable and intrusive questions into the personal and political thoughts.

One of the primary supervisors, Douglas Shulman, was testifying about the subject of so many meetings in the White House during the past years. Actually, Shulman has visited the White House 157 times.

The surprising fact is that Shulman may have visited the White House even more often than President Obama has.

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Maybe there were more Easter egg hunts than we knew about. There is so much that this government does behind closed doors that transparency is a subject only mentioned in presidential speeches.

The third source of the stink is the attorney general’s personal attack on James Rosen of Fox News. This one is the subject of this editorial, though all three are evidence that our president is so far removed from the administrative management of our country’s affairs, that it is disgusting and almost unbelievable.

Everyone in this administration sound like Sgt. Shultz from “Stalag 13”: “I know nothing.” Frankly, that makes Obama devious, oblivious or incompetent, or all of the above. Even one is unacceptable.

Attorney General Holder, a special friend of the president, is in deep doo doo, again. He has been accused of lying to Congress or lying to a judge who finally signed a subpoena (the third judge, after the first two refused to sign), threatening to accuse James Rosen with criminal conspiracy with a whistleblower for doing his job as a reporter — that is, to gather information and to report it. Holder’s excuse for violating the First Amendment of the Constitution was because he had no intention of going through with the case, anyway. Then why ruin a man’s reputation unless it was done for political reasons only?

Holder may be convicted of perjury to Congress and if convicted he could go to prison. Holder has already been cited for “contempt of Congress” when he refused to deliver documents relating to “fast and furious,” the gun-running scandal. His dismissal of the New Black Panthers from their (alleged) election intimidation outside of a polling place was another negative mark on his career. The man no longer has creditability and it’s beginning to look like his protector, Obama, is without creditability, as well. It is possible that the last comment is backwards. Maybe Holder is protecting Obama.

The foul smell continues to increase. It is difficult to decide which scandal is going to bring down this president, but any one is a good reason. As someone recently said: “The lights are on in the White House, but there is nobody home.” At any rate, there is certainly enough evidence to get rid of Holder.

Dick Gustafson was a two-term Eagle County commissioner.

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