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Avoid factory-farm chicken, and push to change the laws governing their treatment (letter)

If you demand chickens that have been humanely treated, the stores will have to get them and the factories will be forced to modify their practices. If you buy eggs from non-factory farm chickens, you will help even more. What a plus it would be if you ask Sen. Gardner, Sen. Bennet and your Representative to push to change the laws governing the treatment of these fowls.

The following on factory-raised chickens is from EcoWatch.

“Consider the life of a chicken trapped on a factory farm. If she is one of the 9 billion chickens who suffer and die on U.S. factory farms for their meat, she is committed to a life of unending misery, fed an unnatural diet to spur abnormally rapid and painful growth. Perhaps she is one of the 26 (percent) to 30 percent of chickens raised for their meat who can’t even walk normally because their skeletons are not able to support their rapidly growing bodies. She will live an average of just 42 days.

“If she is one of more than 300 million chickens raised in factory farms every year for their eggs, most of her beak was cut off with a scalding hot blade when she was just hours or days old. As a hen, she lives her entire life in a tiny wire ‘battery’ cage, with up to 10 other hens. She may be sick or injured, but she will receive no medical care. She is forced to live alongside dead and dying cage-mates.

“After about two years of this unimaginable suffering, she is considered ‘spent’ and sent to a slaughterhouse. After her brief life, she must endure a terrible death, as she is stunned in an electrified water bath before her throat is slit. (There is no law requiring chickens to be rendered unconscious before slaughter.)”

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I know this is disturbing to read. I hope you react.

Katherine Delanoy


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