Vail Daily letter: Bigger than Trump vs Clinton |

Vail Daily letter: Bigger than Trump vs Clinton

Making ‘great’ achievable

Some voted Trump because a miniscule or whole part of them supports who he is as a human being, believe he will be a great role model for our nation, and thus our children, or think he will accurately represent their shared beliefs to the rest of the world. There are equally bad reasons why some voted for Clinton. To be clear, I voted for Clinton because I thought she was the lesser of two evils and because I can’t support a world leader who thinks climate change is a hoax. I hope that got your attention and made some of you angry. Well, that is the end of my candidate-leaning rant. What is most important is that neither candidate seemed undeniably qualified to be our next President. I believe our vote just proved it.

Since 1940, the elected resident received less than 50 percent of the popular vote only seven times. Including this year, four of those seven occurred in the last 24 years or seven elections. The last time a candidate had the support of close to 60 percent of American voters was 1984. This is a disturbing trend that tells me that we have a political problem and our nation is trending toward becoming more divided than ever. I hope that most of you will agree, no matter who you voted for, that something was particularly unusual and polarizing about this presidential election and our candidates. I am guilty of saying “the sun will still rise” the morning after the election. I am tired of hearing people say this, even outgoing President Obama. It is admitting that what just happened is OK and that things will get back to normal again. Well, it’s not OK and things will not be normal again until our failing political system is fixed and it stops dividing the people.

No, Trump probably will not make America great again and its likely neither could have Clinton. How is “great” even achievable when our country is split down the middle about who is the most qualified to lead us there? So, we need to come together without relying on our politicians to lead the way. Only we the people have the power to make real change while unsuitable presidential candidates are paraded out for us to vote on. We like to claim that our politicians are asleep at the wheel when in fact I think many of us are. The first step is for us to realize and then admit there is a problem that needs solving. I don’t have all the answers and you probably don’t either, but I think we have a better sense of the answer than our politicians. Inner-peace, family love, and good health to all my friends and family during the next four years and beyond and may we find a way to wake up collectively and come together in the future.

Ryan Wolffe


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