Bring common sense to Colorado’s vehicle emission laws (letter) |

Bring common sense to Colorado’s vehicle emission laws (letter)

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Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, by executive order, has recently imported recent state of California laws that should be labeled, “Puff the Magic Dragon Laws”; laws passed by highly intelligent folks with barely a sliver of common sense.

Colorado’s new automobile emission standards, from the Golden State, will have to be fully in place in 2025. In seven years, the state will have to have a substantial number of new cars and small trucks sold that will be powered by electricity or hydrogen fuel cells, along with their necessary hydrogen stations. The average fuel efficiency of those new vehicles sold must meet 54.5 miles per gallon.

All new cars and pickups that were sold in 2016 were required to have had an average fuel efficiency rating of 35.5 mpg. The documented average for year-end 2016 was 24.7 mpg, with cars averaging 28 mpg and small trucks, 21 mpg. Will all new cars and small trucks sold in Colorado in 2025 average 54.5 mpg, an additional 30 mpg? That’s only seven years away.

I, however, would like to go back nearly 2,400 years in time and paraphrase Aristotle’s definition of common sense: “the knack for seeing things as they are.”

Floyd Diemoz

Glenwood Springs

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