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Butch Mazzuca’s recent column was a succinct evaluation of leftism (letter)

Dear Mr. Mazzuca: “Meanwhile, true liberals realize the Founders, while imperfect, were visionaries who made hard choices and compromises to give us the system of government we have today. And while they could not eliminate all of the inequities of their time, they provided us with the tools (our Constitutional form of government) to redress these issues.”

Thank you, Mr. Mazzuca, for your succinct comments that truly question the movement of the traditionally politically liberal to those of the new politically far left liberal (“Liberal or leftist?” Monday, Oct. 1).

You were quick to describe the policies and approaches of John Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt. I may have found decided differences in our philosophies; however, it opened it to a discussion and perhaps even compromise (not of principals, but ideas) that would better the country as a whole. They and other presidents had the ability to discuss with civility issues and concerns with leaders of the House and Senate. Wouldn’t that be nice again, regardless of who was sitting in the Oval Office or at the leadership of the Congress or Senate?

Your column required no vulgarities, nor pointed insults toward those you may disagree with, regardless of how vehemently that antithesis may be. I have always been a believer that when having a discussion with others, whether one is in agreement or totally opposite in position, the use of vulgarity, personal attacks and insults serves only to lessen their position and indicates their lack of ability to debate intelligently. Surely, this approach as of late has been glaring proof.

To quote from your writing, the first paragraph here states it perfectly.

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Thank you,

Robert J. Graff

Highland Beach, Florida

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