Carnes: A bigly appropriate Christmas poem (column)

Richard Carnes
My View

Tis’ the week before Christmas

And all through the House of White,

The majority nervously await

For whom the Special Counsel might next indict.

It’s all being laid out

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By Mueller with care,

As evidenced by the fires

Tweeted by Smockey the Bear.

Come Manafort and Flynn

And Gates and Papadopoulos,

His crooked methods are showing

He’s no longer populous.

And now Cohen is gone

There was no place to run,

So he left pointing fingers

At “Individual 1.”

And here comes Schumer

With the liberal trophy,

As he smiles at the power

Now wielded by Pelosi.

But the manchild won’t stop

The one wearing his clown crown,

“Americans must pay for the wall”

Or he’ll issue a government shutdown.

Yet the bad guys still exist

There is no missing crisis,

They are killing more and more

Those terrorists known as ISIS.

And tariffs are taxes

Ignore the false cheers,

Reality is proving

The worst market in 10 years.

From Carrier to GM

And farmers of soybeans,

Repeating false mantra’s

Are merely weak smokescreens.

He continues to spread lies

While losing admirers,

And can no longer even count

On the National Enquirer.

His MO is old

We’ll no longer fall for this crock,

Such as his turning on Tillerson

Calling him, “Dumb as a rock.”

We know it is coming

The nice words are too smelly,

Within a few weeks

He’ll be insulting John Kelley.

Not sure if this is true

As I hope it was for a laugh,

He wants his own son-in-law

As new Chief of Staff?

Have we not learned

From this presidential wannabe,

It’s his family and ratings

Surrounding his entire reality.

When this will end

I haven’t a clue,

But I can’t wait

’Till he bids a final, adieu.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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