Carnes: American Taliban alive and well

Although many want to insist last week’s Supreme Court ruling is a Republican-Democrat issue, it is not. This is a religious extremist issue, plain and simple.

The American Taliban’s disdain for women and their rights is getting closer and closer to the ISIS brand of tribalism, little more than the Islamic version of the Tea Party, yet they refuse to acknowledge the irony that one was revolting against government intrusion in their everyday lives and the new version is begging for more government intrusion in their everyday lives.

They claim a government mandating masks inside an airplane was a clear infringement against their American rights, yet slap hypocritical duct tape over their mouths as that same government mandates pregnancy and control inside a woman’s uterus.

“Keep your hands off my guns but let my hands control your uterus” appears to be their puritanical mantra.

Whichever pretend deity they think controls their myopic little world, they still have no right to tell others how to live, learn, or love, no matter how many times they read that they can or are told by a religious leader that it’s OK.

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It is not.

But when their 15-year-old is raped and impregnated by a mentally ill cousin, watch how quickly (but quietly) their superficial priorities shift.

America was not created, is not now, and will never be a theocracy.

But superstitious nonsense aside, Lady Justice is once again wearing a chastity belt and the non-elected Supreme Court holds the key.

Even though much of this nonsense is moot, as use of the abortion pills will skyrocket (especially in those states that attempt to make it illegal), and common sense will always win over blind dogma, but it will take time.

A woman cannot become pregnant without the assistance of a man, meaning they are equal in responsibility, yet this ruling has zero effect on men.

Of course, this is not fair, but hey, it’s men mainly enforcing the decision. The #MeToo movement has overnight reverted to the #Me(n)Only movement.

If a woman needs to treat an ectopic pregnancy or has a miscarriage that her body won’t release, without an induced abortion there is a probability that she will die so … that’s what she gets for not using contraception?

And speaking of miscarriages, up to one in three of all pregnancies end this way, whether the woman knew she was pregnant or not, and about three out of every four when fertilized eggs that fail to implant are factored in.

So if the woman was aware and told someone, should she be arrested for murder?

And speaking of contraception, Justice Clarence Thomas has stated the court should reconsider allowing Americans to use any form of it in the privacy of their own home, along with kinky sex, gay sex, gay rights in general and interracial marriage.

Oh, wait, strike that last one (Ginny Thomas might start emailing Congressmen again).

Who’d a thunk Anita Hill was right all along?

So here we are, in 2022’s America, where we are free to carry a gun in public and forced to carry a pregnancy in private.

Remember when voting this November, as it’s not the party they belong to but the stance they have on freedoms and the role they believe members of the American Taliban should play on the American political stage.

If you’re not scared now, you should be.

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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