Carnes: Another week chock full of (non) surprises |

Carnes: Another week chock full of (non) surprises

This past week was full of unanticipated, yet somehow totally expected negative news.

Just as we start to believe New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the creepiest of the political creeps, we can always count on good ol’ dependable Florida to come through with someone even creepier, and once again the Sunshine State hasn’t disappointed.

The former president’s Floridian fumbling flatterer, Rep. Matt Gaetz, stands accused of such typically hypocritical conservative-based crimes as blackmail, extortion, sex trafficking and, of course, having sex with underage girls.

It took all of 24 hours for his communications director to resign and wipe any reference to Gaetz off his Twitter account. I’m sure this will leave an unusual gap on his resume, but hey, just mention the word “Gaetz” during the interview and any potential employer will hold his hand up, palm forward, saying, “Say no more … let’s move on.”

While quite the quagmire for Gaetz (giggity-giggity-giggity), we can look forward to weeks of complete denial prior to his resignation as he quiescently crawls back into the Floridian swamp from which he came.

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Hopefully Cuomo will be right behind him.

After the pointless murders of 10 in Boulder, our own duly-elected congresswoman, Rep. Lauren Boebert, had the sense to remove her personal shrine to assault weapons from her Zoom conference background she’s been using for online congressional meetings.

Sure, it was probably one of her “people” who made the suggestion, but she was quick enough on the uptake to point out the fear we should all also have from Black & Decker hammers as well.

Her congressional partner-in-ignorance, Marjorie Taylor Greene, failed to remove a photo taken two weeks ago of her standing defiantly in front of a “Welcome to Fort Pelosi” sign on a Capitol barrier wall, demanding the wall come down.

After a section of the wall was removed, a man used his car as a weapon and rammed two U.S. Capitol Police officers into a barricade, killing one and severely injuring the other.

I can only assume “Q” has yet to instruct her as to what her response should be.

Last week’s mass shooting involved a California man dressed in assault gear as he killed four, including a 9-year-old child. Hold your breath for this week.

In lighter news, President Obama praised Major League Baseball for taking a stand on Georgia voting rights while his successor, of course, continued with the far-right’s infatuation with canceling things they don’t like by calling for a boycott of baseball.

Yep, the “big brain genius” strikes again.

In even lighter news (some might even dare to call it good), our Eagle County COVID-19 numbers began dropping again. It appears the less snow we have, the less COVID issues.


Yeah, probably, but we’ll take whatever we can get either way.

Oh, and I’m headed to Florida next week, where the brilliant governor, Ron “Masks and vaccines are for losers” DeSantis, has just declared a state of emergency due to leaking radioactive waste.

Here’s to hoping the only glow I return home with is from the unanticipated yet somehow totally expected sunburn.

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