Carnes: Anti-democracy punks or pro-fascist punks? |

Carnes: Anti-democracy punks or pro-fascist punks?

On the surface it appears to be ridiculously simple: Being anti-(fill in the blank) means to be against it.

While it is one thing to not participate in the “act of,” it’s another thing altogether to be opposed to those participating, and that is real anti-whatever.

Anti-racist means one is against racism in all its forms.

Anti-abortion means one is against abortions in all its forms.

Anti-snowboarder means one is against viewing buttcracks at Burton events.

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In today’s society, being anti-anything evokes immediate negativity, thus some change the wording to sound more positive, such as the pro-life and pro-choice people, each attempting to use constructive spins to better sell their narrative.

As we watch the worldwide protests continue, a sloppily structured group proudly self-promoted as the “default” against fascism, calling themselves “Antifa” and dressed in black have resorted to violence to stop those they claim are pro-fascist.

On the flip side, we have ImPotus supporters wearing KKK (Klueless Klutz Klan) masks and staging George Floyd mockups, complete with confederate flags and distinctly placed knees, proudly calling themselves members of Q-Anon, the Boogaloo Boys and others, resorting to violence to stop those they claim are pro-fascist.

Neither apparently are promoting fascism, but both conceal their faces with masks to commit crimes under the protection of group anonymity, hiding behind somewhat socially acceptable names to boost their popularity.

Both are extreme reactionaries, meeting anticipated violence with more violence for the oft-declared purpose of preventing violence, which makes no sense whatsoever.

So it is all really just alt-left vs. alt-right, anarchy vs. fascism, Marxism vs. White Nationalism, and we’re basically debating which type of extremism is more palatable?

Or is it simply opportunistic looters vs. knuckle-dragging Neo-Nazis, both promoting chaos to rationalize their miserable existence based upon blaming others for everything?

The social justice warriors of the internet would have us believe they are solving our problems by banning flags, classic movies and disarming cartoon characters.

The anti-social warriors would have us believe they are solving our problems by reinforcing the notion that whites are the one true race according to their latest version of a deity.

Both are little more than fringe elements desperate for attention trying to get away with whatever they can get away with while they have the world watching, fostering discord on each side by claiming it is a left vs. right issue to further separate the rest of us.

But don’t be fooled, 99 out of 100 on the left are no more anarchist punks trying to rid the world of law and order than 99 out of 100 on the right are racist Nazi punks trying to rid the world of minorities.

The rest of us, the actual 99 out of each 100, need to continue being “anti-both ends of the spectrum” and not allow these radical extremist punks to have any control whatsoever towards our future.

We can still, of course, remain anti-snowboard-buttcracks in the meantime.

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