Carnes: Boycotting cancel culture fanatics |

Carnes: Boycotting cancel culture fanatics

I’m thinking of taking a Delta flight to a Rockies game against the Atlanta Braves next September and drinking a Coke on the plane and another at the game.

“So you’re saying you’re a liberal.”

What? No, I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative.

“Oh, so you’re afraid to take a side, huh?”

Not at all, ideologies are not simply black or white. A philosophy towards life in general is as gray as can be, full of nuance and context.

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“C’mon man, pick a side, show some cajones.”

Ideologies are not like picking the Broncos over the Raiders or Vail over Aspen. We know those things are clear cut, no debate needed. Yet when it comes to living life only a closed mind is certain, but this cancel culture nonsense has been embraced wholeheartedly by both sides, and it’s embarrassing to watch.

“Well, I’m not giving one dime to Delta or Major League Baseball and I refuse to buy another Coke.”

Goody for you, and thanks for proving my point about pretending to boycott corporations for political gain.

“What point?”

How about I take a brand new “My Pillow” on the plane for comfort and eat a can of Goya beans and order a rum and Pepsi while in the air?

“You’re confusing me now.”

What a surprise.

“But I think Mitch McConnell was spot on last week when he said corporations should not be involved in politics.”

Of course you do, and I’m sure you miss the irony, but ol’ Mitch is stuck between the proverbial GOP rock and a former POTUS hard place at the moment.

“Oh, that’s right. Did you see what former POTUS said last week at the Republican National Convention donor retreat about the rigged election and Mike Pence and Dr. Fauci and Coca-Cola and—”

I don’t care.

“Oh come on, he called McConnell a—

Don’t care.

“He even went after McConnell’s wife too, saying—”

Really don’t care.

“Why don’t you care what the man has to say?”

Because he is now completely irrelevant to the entire world. These last desperate attempts to remain relevant only serve to keep his ego temporarily pumped up and morons still sending him money to “stop the steal” while dragging the GOP down even further each time the man is handed a microphone. It’s like the daily phone calls most of us receive trying to get us to purchase an extended warranty for our car. If we don’t recognize the number, we simply don’t answer, and then immediately block the number.

“The former president is trying to call you?”

What? No, it’s an analogy. The point is we’re so divided as a nation now that everything – and I mean everything – is looked upon as either left or right, liberal or conservative, and it’s far past the point of absurdity.

“Like the Texas governor refusing to throw a pitch at a baseball game to show he’s boycotting baseball because baseball is boycotting Georgia for boycotting Georgia citizens’ voting rights for not boycotting the 2020 election?”

Damn, you catch on pretty quick, and that’s a major reason I’ll never be a card-carrying member of either side.

Besides, who in the world has ever ordered a rum and Pepsi?

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