Carnes: Can one cancel a canceler? |

Carnes: Can one cancel a canceler?

If a group known for canceling things they don’t like or agree with gets canceled, does that mean the canceler has been canceled or should we be upset with the ones canceling the canceler?

It gets so confusing from time to time.

This newly coined “Cancel Culture” apparently has no borders either, as it appears to be uniformly applied across cultures of all colors, creeds and political persuasions.

Last week’s QPAC event in Florida, in what used to be an annual conservative conference until the ‘Q’ infestation, canceled one of their own speakers for saying something they did not like.

The theme of the conference was “America Uncanceled.”

Go figure.

This canceling nonsense is really nothing more than another form of boycotting, and always ends with similar results, yet we see it everywhere these days.

Republicans want to cancel the booming renewable energy industry, Democrats want to cancel the fossil fuel industry and each want to cancel the other from existing.

Some Republicans even want to cancel the 2022 Summer Olympics in China.

Fox News keeps canceling media members, especially pretty blondes, when they refuse to toe the company line (some say tow, I say tomAto, not tomahto).

Same for NBC canceling Matt Lauer and the soon to be canceled Gov. Cuomo in New York.

The golf industry has been canceling tournaments at courses owned by that one guy (I forget his name) and an entire nation canceled that same guy from pretending to be a leader just last fall.

Sanctimoniously “woke” liberals attempted to cancel anyone from purchasing any products from Goya Foods because the owner dared to support a politician while the “My Pillow” guy has been canceled by dozens of retailers for the same grievance.

Whichever deity loaned him talent apparently canceled Rush Limbaugh’s racism, bigotry and misogyny from ever being heard again, as well as the cancellations from sponsors of Limbaugh wannabes Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

“The Mandalorian” actress Gina Carano lost an acting gig because she posted something stupid on social media, “The Bachelor” guy is on hiatus because of what some deemed an insensitive comment while some are even trying to cancel the Whos down in Whoville from indoctrinating children.

Talk about being a Grinch.

Christians want to cancel Muslims, Muslims want to cancel Christians and religious extremists want to cancel anyone (aka: murder) who doesn’t believe the same mythologies they do.

Admittedly I am happy to cancel the Proud Boys and all other white supremacy groups, and the idiots who blame anyone of Asian ancestry for COVID-19 all because that one guy (still can’t recall the name) kept calling it the “Chinese Flu.”

The town of Vail (along with the Forest Service) canceled the BB&B back in 2003, voters in the town of Avon recently canceled a barn and locals up and down the valley are still trying to cancel a paved road north of Edwards.

The Vail Daily canceled online comments, which has been a boon to my email numbers, and I would bet good money that a few of you (at least two or three) would like to see me canceled now that I’ve written this column once a week for 22 years.

But this is still America, dadgummit, the land of the kinda free and usually brave, so in spite of our occasionally obvious hypocrisy, attempting to cancel things we do not like is what we do.

One would think we’d be used to it by now.

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