Carnes: Common sense sadly not so common |

Carnes: Common sense sadly not so common

It has been entertaining of late to watch the anti-vaccine crowd shout and hold protest signs proclaiming, “My Body — My Choice!” because the government has no right to declare what any red-blooded American can or cannot do with their own body.

I once again scoured the U.S. Constitution and — lo and behold — they are absolutely correct. Nowhere in our Founding Fathers’ signature document does it provide the government the option of mandating in any way our born and bred American bodies (slavery references notwithstanding).

Obviously, such a strong and meaningful declaration means abortion options are no longer an issue for the government to deal with either.

What, the government cannot mandate anything concerning a virus that has killed over 615,000 Americans and is currently infecting over 100,000 daily but can control a woman’s uterus?

Far be it from me to point out hypocrisy, but methinks I smell a conflicted rat.

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Government mandates are all around us, from the federal level for seatbelts and taxes all the way down to the local level for utility easements and house colors (oh, and more taxes).

In many cases, the mandates (aka policies, regulations, laws, etc.) are common sense, but as we all know in today’s world, “Muh’ freedums” trump common sense in many areas.

If Peter Knobel wanted to paint the entire Solaris building bright pink, he would not be able to because of stupid government regulation. But then again, common sense would prevent him from doing such a stupid thing to begin with.

The federal government mandates all vehicles have seatbelts, but common sense is the reason most of us wear them, saving tens of thousands of lives each year. Same for helmets, which save thousands of lives annually for bikers, motorcycle riders, snowboarders, skiers, and a few local barflies I know when riding their one-wheels home.

Some demand government regulation and intervention only when it fits their narrative but condemn it when it goes against whatever it is they happen to be for at that moment, such as demanding the government provide a private business the right to not bake a cake for a gay couple, but how dare the same government refuse to provide them access to a private business declaring proof of vaccination before entering.

Sure it’s illogical and hypocritical, but that doesn’t stop the common-sense-free crowd from having the ideology of toddlers who can’t play well with others (“You can’t tell me what to do … I should be able to smoke wherever I want … air bags are for wimps … last time I checked I don’t live in Russia!”).

At this very moment the government is mandating Glenwood Canyon remain closed, but common sense didn’t get in the way of a professional bus driver from attempting to navigate a 40-foot-long vehicle on Coffee Pot Springs road.

Perhaps he thought there were multiple Starbucks along the way.

Common sense says the pandemic has been prolonged because of the unvaccinated. Those who have refused to get vaccinated don’t care about protecting their own family and friends even though it’s now spreading to children and overloading hospitals.

But being vaccinated doesn’t mean you’re wearing a body condom for complete protection; it does however increase the odds tenfold that if you do contract the virus you will not end up in a hospital gasping for each breath.

Use your common sense, get the damn vaccine.

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