Carnes: Confusion rules across the board |

Carnes: Confusion rules across the board

I am pretty sure it’s not just me, but each week that transpires in Washington D.C. causes more confusion than an Iowa caucus count.

The director of national intelligence performs his job to the best of his ability, warning Congress about Russia’s intent to again attack our democracy, this time during the upcoming 2020 election.

Within days he is fired.

Confusing, right?

“You told Congress that Putin is helping me get re-elected … you’re fired!” shouts our impeached president.

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I could perhaps be paraphrasing.

Newly installed “acting’ director,” Richard Grenell, has no experience in such matters of national intelligence, but being a loyalist to IMPOTUS is apparently the only qualification required.

I am confused as to why this does not seem to bother a certain segment of our population.

And it appears the real President’s Day Sales last week were only for convicted IMPOTUS supporters, as he granted clemency to a gaggle of political allies, completely ignoring the normal Justice Department process. 

Granted, nothing screams “Corruption Fighter” louder than pardoning those convicted of corruption, unless of course it’s white-collar corruption and one has either tweeted something flattering about IMPOTUS, made flattering remarks about him on Fox News or were a contestant on “The Apprentice.”

All done while declaring himself the “Chief Law Enforcement Officer” of the nation (Note: He’s not).

Confusing, right?

Am I the only one who can rearrange the words “White House Justice” to spell “Banana Republic?” Seriously, this White House crew is making the Houston Astros look like the poster team for fair play.

A racist, hate-filled radio show host receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom while a highly decorated United States Army lieutenant colonel is fired for having the gall to testify to Congress.

“If I wasn’t President, I’d be suing everyone all over the place,” he recently tweeted. “BUT MAYBE I STILL WILL. WITCH HUNT!”

Not if, but when, he pardons Roger Stone, who just received 40 months, and Michael Flynn, along with a gaggle of others all either in or going to jail, it’s confusing how some of you will simply ignore the outcomes, evidently okey-dokey with the concept of complying with subpoenas and testifying being punishable offenses while convicted felons get cookies and a free ride home.

To be honest, though, I am not really confused about the hypocrisy, just saddened because this segment of our population has chosen party over country, with no regard for our long-term viability as a democratic society.

But I am indeed actually confused as to how one party could possibly believe a “democratic socialist” can take the King’s Crown next November by promising to restructure twenty percent of our economy while fighting the most powerful lobbies in the nation in four short years.

Now that is truly perplexing.

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