Carnes: Darwin Awards flush with COVID |

Carnes: Darwin Awards flush with COVID

A Darwin Award is loosely defined as “somebody doing something incredibly stupid” and not living to tell the stupid tale.

As opposed to the natural selection of Darwinism, the awards are presented to those using self-selection instead, thus causing one’s own demise by deploying an astonishing lack of judgment.

Examples include such fate-tempting activities as looking down the barrel of a pistol to see if it’s loaded, jumping off Chair 4 at tower 4 to prove to your buddies how deep the snow is, or proudly standing at the tippy top of the Grand Traverse during a lightning storm to get the perfect Instagram pic.

However, the entry standards for qualification have reached a new low with COVID-19.

Thanks to rampant false information about the vaccines on social media and Tucker tripe on Fox News (the brainwashed brainwashing the brainwashable), some American adults still conclude the entire virus issue is a conspiratorial man-made hoax created to control the masses with unproven vaccines that not only give you the virus but inject mind-altering chemicals ensuring compliance and provide tracking via Bill Gates.

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Others have even gone so far as to declare if vaccines were any good, they would be mentioned in the Bible.

Hard to argue with such sound non-debatable logic.

Of course this “Plague of the Unvaccinated” (sounds like a horror B-movie title from the 50s) has sadly become a purely political issue, as the majority of those infected are the tinfoil hat wearers still insisting the 2020 election was rigged, the January insurrection was peaceful and the Ringling Brothers audit in Arizona will reveal why the head clown will be reinstated sometime in August with a special ceremony led by the My Pillow guy.

I’d also bet good money they’re the type that fell for the recent “Bear riding a Vail chairlift” story and have spent time trying to stick a spoon on their nose to prove they were magnetized by the vaccine.

I’m not trying to shame the ignorant into getting vaccinated, but 99.2% of the latest COVID deaths have been the unvaccinated, with four states accounting for 40% of all cases and Florida alone accounting for one out of every five cases nationwide.

If that ain’t a trend, I don’t know what is.

By not being vaccinated, the oblivious are partially responsible for allowing the virus to continue to mutate, which is what viruses do to survive, thus letting more and more variances permeate the globe, continuing its onslaught on the vulnerable, and at some point potentially the vaccinated.

Thank goodness these types weren’t around during the push to eliminate polio or chickenpox, or measles, mumps, tetanus, rubella, whooping cough, etc.

Last weekend, Los Angeles County reinstated indoor mask mandates after announcing 100% of the latest reported cases are from the unvaccinated. Will it happen here in Happy Valley? Perhaps those insisting it would never happen again need to think again.

But hey, if getting sick and possibly dying to prove a point is your thing, be my guest — just realize your life will come down to a sad statistic about human ignorance and little else, except for perhaps a posthumous Darwin Award.

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