Carnes: Dealing with the lunatic fringe |

Carnes: Dealing with the lunatic fringe

There is very little left to say about last week’s embarrassing display of mob mentality at our nation’s shining Capitol on the hill.

Like the terrorists in Portland last summer, these mindless minions crossed the defining line between protesting and terrorizing, and they crossed with obvious malicious intent, actually believing their violent acts would be some sort of catalyst to incite their long-dreamed-for race war or civil war or whatever kind of war these types dream up as fantasies to help justify their miserable lives.

Luckily, the “Proud Men and Women of American law enforcement” showed up to rid the Capitol of the “Proud Boys and Girls” as the riotors stormed the castle and immediately stepped on the rake of justice, but not until after the senseless deaths of five.

Reality tells us 99% of Trump supporters are not violent, just like 99% of BLM, Antifa, liberals in general (pick your label) are not violent either. It is the lunatic fringe on both sides that we will always have to be concerned with.

Yes, they took down an American flag so they could replace it with a Trump flag while waving a Confederate flag, smeared feces on the hallowed hallways, stole equipment and set up a noose all in the name of symbolism, but how dare those athletes take a knee.

Anyway, like religious fanatics across the planet, we do not ever have to show them any respect, but we must acknowledge their existence for the impact they can have on us all.

ImPotus has ruined the current GOP, especially with Jr. shouting, “This isn’t their Republican Party anymore! This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party!” causing dozens of GOP members to quickly begin backpedaling while suddenly summoning the courage to speak out against tyranny as opposed to their short-lived grandstanding stunt pretending they were going to change the election outcome.

Every hour between now and Jan. 20 will be filled with desperate conspiracy theories from these “Trump Terrorists,” shouting about Antifa members in MAGA costumes, Dominion voting machines in Italy, suitcases of illegal ballots, Big government, Big Pharma and Big Tech all the while continue telling themselves they know the “real” truth in spite of zero verifiable evidence.

Looking ahead we have to realize more Americans are going to die as a direct result of this nonsense. The violence will, sadly, in all likelihood not end on Jan. 20 but continue for a bit as Trump becomes a martyr for the cause (whatever the cause actually is will be up for debate), but most of them will eventually catch on to the con, and those that don’t will slowly but surely crawl back in their little holes where they can rant at one another on whatever form of social media will accept them.

Speaking of, now that the Chief Twit has been banned from Twitter, why are some suddenly claiming Facebook and Twitter are the default “Voice of America?”

The First Amendment provides protection from government censorship, but these are private companies providing platforms under their own rules — the ultimate capitalism — but Trumpettes are going bonkers demanding the government step in, totally oblivious that their demands are pure socialism.

I’m not a legal scholar, but pretty sure social media is not a right provided by the Constitution.

But for those concerned for the future of our nation and democracy in general, “Go home … we love you … you’re very special … I know how you feel.”

Hope that makes you feel better.

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