Carnes: Democrat herd needs culling |

Carnes: Democrat herd needs culling

Last week’s opening salvos for who stands the best chance of replacing the highly questionable leadership in the current White House was eerily similar to the first round of GOP debates in 2016.

Both times subjected the American public to little more than pre-rehearsed juvenile soundbites full of bad puns, hopeful zingers and desperate one-liners attempting to subtly insult fellow candidates.

Now the clown car of 2016 has been replaced with a 2019 clown SUV, and the only beneficiaries of both were click-bait headlines on social media sites and late night TV hosts.

The bottom line across the board was a simple, “Vote for me and I promise free fill-in-the-blank!”

Free college, health care, housing and $1,000 per month for life!

Yes-yes, “Land of the free (stuff) and home of the broke.”

For the love of (insert deity of choice), where do they come up with this nonsense?

Each night every one of the candidates should have been handed a Santa outfit to slip on before stepping onto the stage.

I don’t have the room (or desire) on this page to bother discussing each candidate, but Beto betta’ stop the canned Spanish (jeez, pander much?), Bernie “Get Off My Lawn” Sanders needs to retake Economics 101, and although I do like her stance on the troops in the Middle East, Tulsi Gabbard was the most googled afterward, but chances are that was to see bikini pics, while Joe Biden continually proves it’s time for new blood in the Democratic party.

Pete Buttigieg needs to focus on his racist cops in South Bend, Indiana, and John Hickenlooper, whom I liked for the most part as a governor, will never get past the media poking fun of his name.

Cory Booker is far too boisterous, Julian Castro too appeasing to illegal immigrants, Bill DeBlasio too eager to interrupt everyone else and Kamala Harris? 

OK, she has potential at the moment, but only as long as she stays away from the race card, as busing issues from the 1960s will not sway voters in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren comes on strong in spurts, but I just don’t see the whole “intellectually patronizing Grandmother-type” having any teeth. Eric Swalwell is simply too uncomfortable on camera and Andrew Yang wants to give everyone $1,000 a month for life.

Publishers Clearing House … anyone?

And then they all raised hands in favor of health care for illegal immigrants?

Seriously? Even Obamacare said no to such patronizing drivel.

Each candidate should know simply acknowledging the current insecure man-child’s inability to lead is not going to win an election, but both nights appeared to be a litmus test for who can shoot themselves in the foot faster.

I suppose we should be happy they didn’t resort to debating hand sizes or rape allegations.

Anyway, reality states Americans will never have a single payer health care system, private insurance will always exist on some level, reparations will never be paid to anyone, a 2,000-mile wall will never be built, fossil fuels will never go away completely, a two-party system will always be the best way to elect government leaders in a constitutional republic and three out of every four houses in Vail will be second homes.

Personally, I don’t care what party the next president belongs too; I just know the current one is “not my type.”

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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