Carnes: Divided we stand, united we ski |

Carnes: Divided we stand, united we ski

The latest political power grab, also known as an “election,” is finally over, and all we’re left with is a winner and a whiner, so it’s pretty much politics as usual in 2020.

Last weekend the “Million MAGA March” in Washington D.C. had a few thousand ImPotus supporters parading down Pennsylvania Avenue while chanting all of the usual three-word mantras like “Lock her up!” “Lock him up!” “Stop the steal” and “Count the votes!” Except in Pennsylvania, of course, where it’s “Stop counting votes!”

Evidently, they are as adept at counting marchers as they are counting ballots.

Vail’s own Precision Lawn Chair Demonstration Team marched down Pennsylvania Avenue twice with a few hundred thousand in attendance each time in 1993 and again in 2001.

So what does that tell you?

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Hopefully, the GOP can rebound from the embarrassing failures of MAGAism and return to its previously honorable position as a proud American political party, worthy of around half the nation.

Conflict provides balance, and I believe a divided government is a government constantly kept in check, always allowing the elected to point fingers at one another when things do not go their way while also keeping a door open for compromise.

Until then, cherish the cessation of Klan rallies masquerading as superspreader events and that the sad little child in the shell of a defeated big man has lost his job and will be evicted the third week of January.

However, it will not truly be over until the fat man stops tweeting.

We should, however, give him credit for reinforcing his obsessive commitment to tackling the virus on a national level, demanding pharmaceutical companies ramp up production and Americans come together to defeat the greatest threat to mankind in a century while also dealing with economic issues and national security concerns.

No, I’m kidding, he’s been playing golf while his team of crack lawyers hold alternative-facts press conferences between a sex toy store and a crematorium.

Not only did COVID-19 not disappear on Nov. 4 as promised by ImPotus and the Trumpettes (great band name), we are setting new national case totals on a daily basis, with one out of five infections on the planet occurring within American borders and a quarter of a million dead Americans.

Hooray, we’re No. 1?

In much more important news, the snow is flying, the Battle Mountain Huskies won another football game, making it two in a row with only the big game for county bragging rights this Friday against Eagle remaining, and Steamboat and Winter Park delayed opening their ski mountains until after Thanksgiving.

Time will tell if these were brilliant strategic moves or boneheaded decisions resulting in combined losses in the millions for hotels, restaurants, bars, retail stores, and the ski companies themselves.

But here in Happy Valley, regardless of childish tweets, ballot counts or infection rates, we ski.

It’s what we do.

So this weekend, hopefully beginning Friday, though divided we may stand politically from time to time, we are united as one when it comes to remembering why we live here.

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