Carnes: Finally getting back to normal in 2021 |

Carnes: Finally getting back to normal in 2021

HAHAHAHAHA … sometimes I crack myself up.

Of course we’re not getting back to normal in 2021, who would actually think such an absurd premise?

But it is good for the psyche to employ a fanciful imagination every once in a while.

Anyway, nothing will be more telling for the new year than what’s set to occur this week when politicians who won their very own elections on the same day using the same ballots in the same election system will grandstand for no purpose other than securing verbal ammunition for future elections, proving the shallow end of the political gene pool has no depth.

But after that totalitarian anti-democratic sideshow, what can we expect?

For starters, I survived my 61st Christmas without being forced to try eggnog and President-Elect Biden will drop the name “Elect.”

I predict the 2016 “You lost, get over it” sheep will continue having issues accepting reality as they will keep being promised something bad happened, and although it can’t be proven with actual evidence, if they send a donation, their cult leaders will work to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I also predict the ever-growing demand for disinformation will continue growing as media outlets scare those same gullible cultists into brief moments of panic while slyly selling them ammo, gold “Freedom Coins,” and “Bunker-R-Us” supply kits.

I foresee Republicans suddenly rediscovering fiscal responsibility when the vast majority of us begin paying higher federal taxes, but it will not have anything to do with the new administration because the increases were built into the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Those refusing to read the above link will be the same believing in pedophile Satanists and Lizard people being behind liberal-led New World Order and DNA-altering 5G towers.

I see a recession coming as the market is long overdue for a correction (HINT: now is the time to short Tesla), but at least we don’t have to worry about negative interest rates.

I know mask-wearing will continue throughout the year, vaccine-taking will continue to be an invisible partisan divide (how do you prove it?) and the only vaccine against conspiracy theories and hoaxes will continue to be verifiable information.

Remote learning will transform not only public schools but universities as well, streaming will establish itself as the future of entertainment but at least we’ll finally be able to see the new James Bond flick.

More information will be exposed showing it was never a hoax, never miraculously disappeared, and has never been anywhere near being “totally under control,” and I’m talking about the Russian hacks, not the pandemic.

North Korea will become an even larger threat, ISIS will continue targeting Americans and other civilians in spite of being told by our own that they’ve been defeated (they haven’t) and China will quietly continue taking over the world.

A protest will take root over K-Cups because “’The Man’ can’t tell me how much coffee I can use,” the cruise industry will rust in dry dock and choo-choo’s might return to chewing up our ear canals a few times each day here in Happy Valley.

However, if our Constitution doesn’t perform traditionally this week and again on Jan. 20, I could be wrong about all of this new “normal” stuff.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

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