Carnes: Flag — glad, recall — schmicall |

Carnes: Flag — glad, recall — schmicall

“What’s this about the town of Avon having to recall its Pride flag?”

Good grief, comprehension is not one of your strong points. You’re confusing two completely separate issues.

“But the Vail Daily said —”

You have to read further than a headline. A judge ruled in a dispute over voter signatures, with the result being the town must hold a recall election for Mayor Smith Hymes and Council member Tamra Underwood. About the same time there was a kerfuffle of sorts at a Town Council meeting over the town’s use of a Pride flag in a roundabout.

“A kerfuffle?”

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A ruckus, a mild dispute over a handful of locals pretending to be upset over the town daring to fly a Pride flag during the Pride in the Park event a few weeks ago.

“Did they complain about the event itself?”

Not that I can tell.

“Wait, are you calling them bigots?”

No, that would be beneath me, but bigotry comes in many forms, and in this case appears to be a homophobic reaction, you know, anti-LGBTQ and all that nonsense based on irrational but learned behaviors usually taught by religious leaders.

“Kind of harsh, don’t you think?”

What else would it be when even the town lawyer says their right to fly the rainbow flag is protected under the First Amendment.

“So the town can fly whatever flag that elected leaders choose?”

Of course not. For instance, a “Trump Won!” flag would be wrong — not to mention nauseating — as that would be promoting a political agenda, aka the “Big Lie,“ and it’s a big no-no for a town government to play favorites when it comes to politics.

“The Pride Flag and all the rainbow-colored stuff and what it represents is not political?”

Being human isn’t political, and last time I checked all LGBTQ members are human. The town temporarily raising this specific flag in a roundabout does not speak for all its citizens any more than the town spending our tax dollars to put a silly piece of modern art underneath it, but it does signify open arms to each and every one of them. Would you be offended by a rainbow-colored bouncy castle at the park or seeing rainbow-themed floats in Nottingham Lake?


So it’s not the colors, but what some deem it to represent that causes a few of them to freak out publicly, which is their right, but it’s also my right to ignore them.

“Sure, that’s your opinion, but what about the recall vote?”

Oh, the town simply voted to appeal the judge’s decision, so by the time it gets resolved legally the terms for those affected will probably be over anyway, so the entire thing is a waste of time and money. On the plus side however, it does show democracy in action, albeit slowly.

“Could they then fly a flag with a person thumbing their nose and wiggling their fingers to rub it in?”

They could, and I would find it hard not to laugh, but then every single council member would deserve being recalled.

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