Carnes: For whom do anarchists vote? |

Carnes: For whom do anarchists vote?

Admit it, a majority of you just shouted either “Republicans!” or “Democrats!”

I doubt a single one of you shouted “independents!”

Don’t feel bad though, this close to an election most everyone feels immediately obligated to pick a side, regardless of the issue, lest they be shamed for not having an opinion.

In fact, feel good about yourself because you are not the problem here, it’s just our modern cultural society in general.

The problem, in the context of the question asked, is that a true anarchist, one who “rejects all involuntary and coercive forms of hierarchy” (in other words, any governing body), does not vote at all — ever.

Not only do they refuse to vote, a true anarchist is not violent.

Nope, in spite of all the nonsense spouted by ImPotus and other elected officials, anarchists are not the actual issue in cities inundated by violent protests this summer.

Whether it’s Portland, Kenosha, Rochester, Denver or literally dozens of others since April, those resulting in actual violence were caused by fringe elements claiming to be members of such loosely organized groups as Antifa, BLM, the Proud Boys, and the Aryan Cowboys, just to name a few.

And they do indeed vote.

Or at least I assume they do.

These little pretend toy soldiers, who were too scared to join the military, too uneducated to be actual law enforcement officers, and pack heat to buy milk, are the ultimate enigma to me.

Seriously, whether clad in pretend military gear or dark face masks, I assume most are unemployed, otherwise where would they find the time to travel from place to place, depending on the latest perceived injustice. It’s not like they plan annual vacations around chasing peaceful protestors, because that kind of planning would just be, I don’t know, completely illogical to those with more intellect than your average white nationalist.

Where do they get the money for travel and daily meals, and where do they stay at night? Are YMCAs still a thing? How are they paying rent and making car payments back home, if indeed they have either? Over 100 straight nights of protests in Portland, and I can’t help but wonder what these people do during the day. Not those who work each day and plan to attend each night to show peaceful support for change, but those who plan to toss fireworks, flip cars, break windows, loot, steal whatever they can, etc.

Hell, there were even armed ImPotus supporters at the Kentucky Derby last week, clamoring for the opportunity to shoot someone or break a few store windows. Yet a study released last week of this summer’s protests found only 5% of the more than 10,000 protests held across the country these past few months involved violence. This does not downplay the severity of the 5% by any stretch of the imagination, but it does show how the daily media hype is more overblown than the latest Kanye West announcement.

Sure, I’m stereotyping some of the above, but prove me wrong.

In the meantime, don’t forget the desperate “We are at war!” Nazis and Marxists nuts also vote.

But at least we know which side they’re on.

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