Carnes: Forced captivity, month deux |

Carnes: Forced captivity, month deux

We are now, at least in our house, surviving the second month of “Being Under Legally Limited Self Home Isolation Trials.”

Regardless of whether or not you read that as an acronym, the result is the same, although I suppose I’m not really judging the act itself more than simply expressing the frustration of it all.

Rarely leaving the house is taking its toll, as I’m sure it is for most of you as well, but with each passing day, we find ourselves talking more and more about how Happy Valley will look once this debacle begins to taper off.

We all changed — the entire planet — after 9/11, and I expect the adjustments around here to be just as drastic, if not more so.

Which restaurants, bars, and retail shops will never reopen? Unfortunately, you know there will be at least a few.

Will Vail’s America Days and Avon’s July 4 fireworks be canceled? How about concerts at the Ford Amphitheater, Nottingham Park, and Thursday nights at Minturn’s Little Beach Park?

Anyway, in other boring news, our almost daily walk around the upper Wildridge Loop now includes the lower loop as well. Not only does every person we pass at least wave, so do most of the cars.

That’s been a nice change.

However, a friend was harassed while grocery shopping for looking like she “just came from Iraq” when she was simply trying to protect her family and those around her, while another friend had her son’s bike stolen in West Vail.

That’s a not-nice change.

We’re doing laundry half as often as normal and the dishwasher twice as often.

That’s a change too, but I’m unsure if it’s good or not.

Six weeks ago I wrote a column concerning our House of Cards economy and it’s almost certain inevitability to take a deep dive, and how it has been on the edge for a few years. All it needed was a catalyst to get the ball rolling downhill.

The willfully ignorant and perpetually uninformed came out in full force to tell me how wrong I was.

I hope they’re doing OK these days.

Been sitting out on the deck trying to prioritize which projects on which I can continue to procrastinate, and in what order the procrastination should occur, because we all know full and damn well when this is over we’ll complain about not having enough time to get it all done.

We finished our second 999-piece puzzle. Stupid cat. 

It will be interesting to watch the melting patterns on the slopes this year. With virtually none of the white gold being constantly pushed down by skiers and snowboarders for over a month, I’m guessing it’ll stay around a bit longer in different places than usual.

Those who make an annual event out of walking the lift lines looking for “stuff” probably won’t find nearly as many gloves, wallets, bras, beads, panties, keys to a rental unit or car, the occasional ring or watch, goggles, prescription glasses, or even phones.f

But you’ll never know unless you try.

From dressing up for “Formal Fridays” to howling like a pack of bored wolves each night at 8 p.m., it reminds me of Dave Mason’s “Alone Together” album back in the ’70s. By the way, Mason sang at Club Majiks back in ’91 (I think), which became 8150, which became Garton’s, which became Solaris, yada-yada-yada.

While I might have the order wrong for who closed when, let’s just hope our favorites open back up sooner than later.

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