Carnes: Good parents make kids wait |

Carnes: Good parents make kids wait

Don’t you just hate it when little Johnny gets to open his Christmas present early?

It ruins the surprise, the moment, the Christmas morning excitement that as a parent you’ve worked so hard for.

All you wanted to do was make it a memorable Christmas, as we all do; one that would be remembered for years to come, perhaps even told to your children’s children as an unforgettable memory from your own child’s upbringing.

But then the little booger had to go and ruin it.

And not just for himself, but for others as well, causing hurt feelings across the board, and in some cases permanently.

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As a loving parent, you look deep inside and think perhaps you could have done something better, found a more secretive hiding place in the house for the gift, or maybe even kept it at work or in the trunk of the car until Christmas Eve.

You’ve tried to teach him well while proving your exemplary parenting skills, even going so far as to suggesting he work harder to not get caught if he is considering something of a questionable nature, thinking a bit of reverse psychology might be just the ticket to helping him learn how to handle such situations as he approaches adulthood.

But no, you had to go and trust the little stinker, and now four of his classmates are dead and another seven are wounded.

Sadly, his name is not Johnny, but Ethan Crumbley, and he is only 15 years old, and his parents emptied a bank account and went on the run from charges of involuntary manslaughter, leaving Ethan to begin his lifetime of rot in prison.

Ethan didn’t ruin his Christmas surprise — no, his brain-dead parents, James and Jennifer, did.

Mom took him to the shooting range the day after dad bought the weapon for him, and then bragged about giving their sweet little darling his Christmas present early on social media. I’m sure she couldn’t wait for him to be able to protect himself against a protester with a skateboard.

Speaking of Kyle Rittenhouse, who in my eyes will always be guilty of double manslaughter, I can only assume Crumbley will now follow a similar strategy of self-defense, probably claiming there was going to be a schoolwide protest against the tiny servings of pizza each Friday and wanted to be prepared just in case things got out of hand.

Then again, perhaps that’s just me being cynical, but truth be told I don’t trust most teenagers behind the wheel, much less ones carrying a 9mm SIG Sauer.

I honestly feel sorry for the 15-year-old child whose life is now ruined regardless of the outcome of a trial, but am pleased that the parents have been charged.

The kid pulled the trigger, but the sad excuse for parents with criminal histories are to blame.

Thankfully, they were quickly caught hiding in a warehouse, so we’ll have to spend the next few years ignoring conspiracy theories about it all being the fault of George Soros or some other fictional liberal pedophile.

Meanwhile a segment of our nation will send pointless thoughts and prayers and quickly move on to make sure their version of little Johnny waits until Christmas morning to open his new shiny weapon.

What could go wrong?

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