Carnes: Heads stuck in the snow |

Carnes: Heads stuck in the snow

Overreact or underreact?

This is the question being pondered worldwide by a general public inundated daily with confusing coronavirus statistics and baffling remedies ranging from $87 bottles of Purell hand sanitizer to fighting over toilet paper to just sitting back and relaxing because (insert magical deity of choice) has been channeling Elizabeth Warren and “has a plan for that!”

Right here in Happy Valley, I believe somewhere in between will work out fine for most of us, as long we all STOP TOUCHING OUR FACES!

I suppose in certain locales a lot of heads are stuck in the proverbial sand, and, of course, in Washington D.C. their heads are drowning in the ever-growing swamp, but up here in the mile and a half club, we use the white gold, which may or may not be beneficial when it begins to melt.

Those in complete denial, such as advanced lung cancer recipient and recent presidential medal of freedom “winner,” Rush Limbaugh, believe it’s all a liberal hoax being weaponized to hurt IMPOTUS in the form of the common cold because, duh, no pandemic has ever been so unfair to a president.

On the flip side, we have overzealous alarmists claiming it will be worse than the Spanish flu of 1918, which killed upwards of 50 million people.
Both extremes serve no purpose other than to sow apathy for political gain or foster fear in ways that benefit neither, when in reality all we need to do is WASH OUR HANDS!

The Italian government is planning to lock down 17 million people, which would be like America locking down the entire Rocky Mountain region (Colorado, Uta, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico and Montana), but that pales in comparison to China’s full or partial lockdown of one person for every dollar Michael Bloomberg spent trying to buy an election (half a billion).

Large events are being canceled or scaled back in unprecedented numbers, such as Miami’s Ultra Festival, Austin’s SXSW, and the possibility of the NCAA barring spectators from March Madness and similar measures being considered for the NBA.

Locally, the Vail Mountain School playoff basketball tournament was moved to Idaho Springs from Vail out of COVID-19 fear, and even James Bond’s latest vodka martini is postponed with the premiere being pushed from March all the way to November.

We should feel lucky the Burton event in Vail went off without a hitch a few weeks ago, but either way, COUGH INTO YOUR ELBOW!

The absurdity of comparing COVID-10 to flu deaths or even the number of daily deaths from gun violence or driving a car only shows how shallow some can be in their denial, as masks don’t come in red or blue, and even if they did, it wouldn’t help or hinder the potential for infection, and one can’t help but wonder how many of the infected will not have health insurance.

When this worldwide ordeal ends — and it will, eventually — and the results are not nearly as bad as some feared, sleep well knowing you didn’t over- or underreact while the Chicken Littles of the world flailed their arms and ran in circles. Our own Eagle County has filed a local disaster emergency declaration with the state, just in case, yet our own local deniers came out in force last week when I discussed the upcoming global economic slowdown, ignoring the fact of the CDC recommending to stay off of cruise ships, airplanes, out of hotels and away from mass gatherings.

Yep, unless you’re in the mortgage refinancing industry, it won’t have an economic effect on anyone here in Happy Valley.

Nope, not at all, especially if we all STAY AT HOME!

What could go wrong?

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