Carnes: Hooray, China’s paying for Christmas! |

Carnes: Hooray, China’s paying for Christmas!

Slow down there a minute, Bucko, what do you mean China is paying for Christmas?

“The president said he was delaying those well-deserved tariffs on Chinese imports so us Americans wouldn’t have to pay for them this holiday season. Isn’t that great!”

I’m confused. I’m pretty sure he said China was paying for the Trump Tax, not the American people, so how does this have anything to do with how we pay for Christmas gifts this December?

“Man, you really are dense. The president himself said, ‘We’re doing this for the Christmas season,’ so I don’t understand how you could possibly think this is something negative. Oh, wait, you hate the president, so of course you’re finding something wrong with whatever he does.”

“Hate” is the wrong word, but that’s beside the point. Ever since starting the whole “Trade wars are easy to win” mantra, the president has insisted the country he’s warring with over trade will pay his tax, not the consumer paying for the imported product, yet every report published since then says just the opposite.

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“Well, that’s just stupid.”

How so?

“The president says our treasury has been pumped up by billions of dollars thanks to the already-in-place Chinese tariffs, and the numbers will only continue to grow with higher tariffs after Christmas.”

Sorry, I’m still confused, and not because I wasn’t aware the Chinese started celebrating Christmas. Tell me, doesn’t the Chosen One delaying the Trump Tax for holiday purchasing implicitly admit that the Trump Taxes will be paid by American consumers? 

“No! Oh, wait…”

I suppose it could be the Chosen One has an irrepressible feeling in his heart for the burden placed by the Trump Tax on Chinese workers during the holidays, but I somehow doubt it.

“Stop it! Now you’re annoying me.”

Covering your ears and closing your eyes won’t change reality. Next thing you know he’ll be claiming Mexico will pay for Greenland while threatening to deport all those disloyal Jews who dare to vote Democrat and declaring no more danishes served at the White House. 

“Oh, please…”

I can’t help but wonder why the Chosen One didn’t think about the timing of Christmas when he first announced the September tariffs, or perhaps he was gambling on the Chinese capitulating way before then, and we all know his history with casinos. And besides, now he suddenly says China is our enemy and he “hereby declared” American companies to stop doing business with China so how could they possibly pay for our Christmas presents?

“Just. Stop.”

I hereby declare China is playing 3D chess while this goofball is playing golf.
While I applaud putting pressure on China so that they don’t steal our intellectual property, a trade war with tariffs never should have begun in the first place, and now he is threatening to declare a national emergency for yet another problem that he himself created. This nonsense is causing worldwide markets to tumble, American farmers to go on welfare and import prices to skyrocket along with our national debt.

And now the Chosen One openly admits that U.S. consumers pay the tariffs, not China. 

So is he lying now or was he lying then?

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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