Carnes: Hopefully 2022 is not 2020 Part III |

Carnes: Hopefully 2022 is not 2020 Part III

What makes us think we can predict anything with certainty, much less the future? (Apologies to Yogi Berra.)

Prognostications are not so much a barometer measuring the pressures put on society to evolve forward as they are potential billboards along the highway of life. Some see them as warnings, but it is up to us individually as whether or not to stop or at least slow down and read the fine print.

Some of these are hopeful, others not so much, some belong in the “duh” category, and a few are completely delusional, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which. So, at some point over the next 12months, I absolutely guarantee (within reason) the following will occur:

The federal government will borrow money, the national debt will increase, the Dow will rise one day and fall the next, unemployment will continue to drop, Democrats will take credit and Republicans will swear the numbers were manipulated by the Chinese (Trumplicans will be dealing with court issues).

Legislation governing the proper use of a uterus will be proposed by a male member of Congress and he will pretend to be oblivious to the irony.

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An elected Republican will be arrested for committing the exact type of crime that he (or she) has railed against their entire career.

So will a Democrat.

A white police officer will kill an unarmed Black man and people of all colors will protest.

Those who disagree with the premise of a news story will immediately call it “fake news” and do their best to ensure everyone in their ignorant little circle agrees.

Thousands will die in a single act of nature and certain groups will rationalize it by saying their deity works in “mysterious ways.” Someone, likely a small child, will survive, and those same groups will then rationalize it as “a miracle,” while another child will die innocently due to a person with mental issues wielding an automatic weapon.

Democrats will say it’s due to gun laws full of bullet holes, and Republicans will blame Democrats and COVID-19 restrictions (Trumplicans will be dealing with court issues and searching for safe spaces).

The parents will blame the shooter.

Vail will be somewhere in the top 5 in the annual SKI Magazine poll, and an American with the initials MS will win a colorful medal at the Winter Olympics.

The taxable value of my house will rise, and so will yours.

A local weather person will predict an 8- to 12-inch dump for Happy Valley, and Vail will receive a light dusting while Wolf Creek will get 10 feet.

Tourists will arrive, seasonal workers will unexpectedly leave, and both respectively complain about the price of lift tickets and rent.

Bitcoin will go through the roof and then fall through the floor more than once, and Tesla’s Cybertruck will still be butt-ugly, which leads me to conclude that some things will simply never change, unless, of course, we wish for them to.

As long as we work hard, play hard, relax often, chase dreams, follow logic, use common sense and go out of our collective way to be nice to one another, whether any of these predictions come true or not is inconsequential. They’ll be little blips on our weekly radar to ignore if we so choose, just like this column.

So while a part of me is full of hope for 2022 and all the potential it has to offer, another part of me thinks me is full of something else.

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