Carnes: I am not your Huckleberry |

Carnes: I am not your Huckleberry

Why do you think the tiny minority of vaccine holdouts think I can personally do anything about their ethical quandaries?

I’m not a doctor.

I’m not an epidemiologist.

In fact, as I have repeatedly stated for over 22 years on this very page, one of the last things I am is a journalist, yet every time I dare to so much as mention COVID-19 in any context I receive emails demanding I wake up and read some article on, or one by a “real” doctor in Mississippi, pull my head out of … well, you know, check out this meme, etc.

Methinks these folks give me far more credit than deserved.

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Don’t get me wrong though — I am not bothered by the emails as they are highly entertaining and provide my morning coffee chuckles. But what I can’t understand is why none of these people apparently have the courage to enlighten the Happy Valley general public with their valuable insight?

Letters to the editor are easily the most viable form of community communication, yet these folks apparently think I should be referencing all of the “research” that they use to open my mind to what’s really happening in the world and then for me to share it with readers.

Maybe I’m missing something, but can’t they share it with readers all by their little selves?

A few columns ago I discussed changing the name of the Gore Range, yet two of the emails that week were long rants about Joe Biden and all of the evils he’s perpetrated on the American people in eight short months.

Go figure.

Yes, I know, most are the same ones upset that their pretend savior keeps losing the state of Arizona, but come on, it’s reached the point where I could write about puppies frolicking in the snow and someone would go ape poop about my ignorance toward the deadly ramifications of frozen puppy feet.

Anyway, perhaps it’s not courage these people are lacking, but simply fear of expressing one’s views in a small town and potentially losing business or friends.

While understandable to a point, if one is confident in their convictions, then why not share it publicly in a local paper like the letter writer did last week when she praised Lauren Boebert?

Sure, in my opinion, the letter writer could not be more wrong about our local congresswoman that makes Sarah Palin look like a classy intellectual, but at least the writer had the courage to own it as opposed to hiding anonymously behind a keyboard on social media sites.

And to be clear on the subject some wish for me to research, local public schools mandate your child must be vaccinated against Hepatitis B., Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis or they cannot attend. Adding a vaccine for a virus that has killed over 700,000 Americans is a no-brainer for those qualifying.

So if you are in possession of verifiable scientific data that will alter the worldwide approach towards COVID-19, then please, share it with the rest of the class, along with the incontrovertible evidence, and help change the world as opposed to regurgitating unverifiable conspiracy theories.

In the meantime, I will continue to back up what I write when appropriate, and with apologies to Doc Holliday, I am a lot of things, but I ain’t your Huckleberry.

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