Carnes: It ain’t a Texan’s fault |

Carnes: It ain’t a Texan’s fault

What a buffoon

With a silver spoon

Thinking he’s immune

From shouts of lampoon

As the embarrassment known as Ted Cruz,

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Fled to Cancun.

Good grief, you’d think the Texas Senator with the most punchable face would have the common sense, not to mention common decency, to at least keep his boots firmly planted in his home state during a crisis.

And using his own daughters as an excuse for traveling to Mexico to rest on a beach with hot sand was as lame as Giuliani using an untucked shirt as an excuse for resting on a hotel bed while smiling up at a hot, underage blonde.

For some uninformed reason, Lauren Boebert, our own recently elected, dumbed-down version of Sarah Palin, ranted about all the frozen Texans as she attempted to make fun of frozen windmills while blaming it all on fellow Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.“

One would think a member of Congress, no matter how green, would know the GND is not a “thing,” but merely a proposed resolution that has been kicked around for years but has never been an actual piece of successful legislation.

Oh, and a windmill is used to mill grain, you know, to make bread and beer and stuff, while a wind turbine is used to create electricity.

Anyway, I have scores of friends and family suffering down in Texas since last week due to the idiocy of elected officials with their deregulation and privatized energy grid decisions. From well-to-do cousins to high school friends living paycheck to paycheck, few were immune to the effects.

One could also not help but notice the new administration in Washington did not hesitate to send federal funds to Texas for assistance, without wasting a single word on the color of the state or tweeting meaningless threats if not enough thanks was provided.

Most of this nonsense of rolling blackouts and water shortages could have been prevented if proper winterization of equipment had not taken a backseat to corporate profits.

And though wellhead freeze-offs and other issues curtailing supply in natural gas systems were primarily to blame, all renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydrogen, hydro, geothermal, etc.) were highlighted as the main culprit by those still stuck with the mindset of, “If it ain’t from no fossil, we ain’t gonna use it!”

When, oh when, will certain people understand the world’s energy needs are not a zero-sum game, where one — and only one — source of energy must reign supreme over the land?

As long as they are managed properly, all energy sources can be used together in a unifying fashion. Whichever source is the most efficient for a location at the time is the one to be used for that location at that time.

It should not be so difficult to understand, but I do know that Texans, like Coloradans, are a tough lot when it comes to dealing with extreme weather events, and will come through the other side stronger than ever.

It’s elected officials we seem to struggle with.

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