Carnes: It’s about dang time |

Carnes: It’s about dang time

It is over.

The long wait, overdue according to most, for some level of success has finally ended.

Plenty of naysayers kept insisting it wasn’t possible. “Not gonna happen,” some would say, “Mission impossible” implied others with an annoying smirk.

In spite of constant optimism from a select few (considered naïve by most), the realities of the situation spelled out what would actually happen no matter how hard those few insisted otherwise.

The writing was on the wall, according to those ardent students of history.

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The odds were relatively long against it happening, especially when one considered the results of the last month or so, as week in and week out, you lose people, many to pandemic-related issues, but eventually, they return, hopefully to help the team respond to adversity.

Even many loyal followers had difficulty keeping the faith, becoming jaded over time, allowing pessimistic, “Oh crap, here we go again …” attitudes to take hold.

Not fair at all, of course, towards those working their collective backsides off to make a difference, but hey, years of constant frustration indeed takes a toll.

Yet a majority are now referring to Nov. 7 as the single best day of 2020.

Then again, there were those, perhaps few in vocal numbers but loud with conviction, insisting this outcome was inevitable. Was it possible one of the team leaders could return after a brief absence to perhaps swing the outcome their direction for a change?

Hell, this is 2020, anything is possible.

So yes, the 3A Battle Mountain Huskies won their first game of the season, a 41-0 shellacking of the 4A Liberty Lancers down in Colorado Springs. All points scored before the legal end of the game were tallied, and sure enough, the Huskies had won.

The losers had no choice but to accept the results, regardless of how strongly they wished otherwise, as there were no do-overs, no recounts, no disallowing of points scored. In fact, they could have shouted, “We won … by a lot!” before the Huskies scored their first TD midway through the first quarter, but it would not have had any actual effect on the outcome.

Conceding defeat, while certainly respectful and a way to retain a desired level of dignity was not required but was appreciated by the masses, in this case, the Husky fans that had traveled the 360-mile round trip trek.

It was like the Lancers were playing golf while the Huskies were playing football.

Sure, while some might continue to shout it was all a farce, and even if it proves to be a fluke at the end of the season, is this result a mandate for the entire team to use to their advantage in future games?

You bet it is.

Yet others, who might even be considered rivals (Eagle Devils), did indeed win the same day, that does not matter at this moment, for this, though brief it may be, is one to be relished, enjoyed and celebrated for the phenomenal victory that it was.

And sure, there was that other thing occurring on Saturday, but that wasn’t really much of a surprise.

Congrats, Coach Schuppler and Huskies.

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