Carnes: I’ve heard mentality was an issue |

Carnes: I’ve heard mentality was an issue

“What’s all this nonsense I hear about mentality?”

It’s herd, not hear, and you’re saying it wrong.

“That’s not what I heard.”

You heard wrong.

Damn, both sides of the political aisle are bending over backwards to justify their particular form of hypocrisy, each doing their best Pee-Wee Herman impression:

“You’re a fascist Nazi!”

“I know you are but what am I!”

And on and on it goes.

Yes, we all are aware of what occurred in 2016 and what is threatening to occur in 2020.

In 2016 Republicans blocked hearings for President Obama’s Supreme Court pick proclaiming the choice should be left to voters in an election year.

Now in 2020, Democrats wish to block hearings for whomever ImPotus picks proclaiming the choice should be left to voters in an election year.

But who’s right and who’s wrong?

Both, in both cases.

There is precedent, sure, but no legal standing one way or the other.

While the GOP claims it has been over 80 years since a Supreme Court justice was nominated and confirmed in an election year, they conveniently ignore February of 1988 when the Democratic-controlled Senate unanimously confirmed President Reagan’s nomination of the liberal Anthony Kennedy.

1988 was an election year.

Yes, the nomination was made in late 1987, but that’s splitting hairs, as the date of the confirmation vote is what’s important (i.e. a wedding date is much more important than an engagement date).

The GOP could have at least attempted to legislate the issue after 2016’s debacle for future clarification, but that ship sailed, and now they refuse to follow the “rules” they made up (Google: Lindsey Graham, if needed).

And don’t kid yourselves, Democrats have to admit if the shoe were on the other foot they would most certainly attempt to do the exact same thing.

Face it, the gloves are off after Kavanaugh and impeachment (not that they were ever really on), as what’s the use of having the majority and the power if you don’t use it to your advantage?

What’s really important is the close timing of this election, and since there are no specific laws clarifying one way or another how to proceed, it is up to Republican senators to pull a Spike Lee and “Do the right thing.” 

Or, I suppose, they can choose party over country, which will be as surprising as enduring yet another religious hypocrite named Falwell.

And for what it’s worth, while I disagreed with Joe Biden for announcing he would choose a woman as his VP pick, I also disagree with ImPotus for promising to choose a woman for the SCOTUS.

Pandering for political benefit only serves to verify misplaced priorities, as there are plenty of worthy candidates of both genders to be seriously considered, and just the premise is deeply insulting to women (I asked my wife for verification).

So let’s accept whatever SCOTUS outcome occurs so we can get back to debating which presidential candidate has the actual herd mentality to get the job done, or has a bigger case of dementia. And while we’re at it look forward to who will be next to accuse ImPotus of rape and Biden of something nefarious in Ukraine.

Let the debates begin.

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