Carnes: Just because they don’t pull the trigger … |

Carnes: Just because they don’t pull the trigger …

Nothing positive ever occurs in the aftermath of yet another school shooting.

The latest, in our own backyard no less, is just one more reminder that we are an inept generation of so-called adults desperate to assign blame to anything and everything other than ourselves for negative occurrences we are too deaf and dumb to understand.

Our own fear prompts an immediate backlash toward the tragedy, as we frantically search for responsibility anywhere other than a mirror.

I cannot begin to guess what goes through the mind of a child intent on taking another’s life. Make no mistake that these are children — some of them monsters, sure, but children nonetheless — who are so wrapped up in their own demented bubble of a world that they are clueless to the consequences of their actions. They do not understand, and in most cases don’t even appear to care, that life as they know it is over the moment a trigger is pulled. 

Sacrificing a potentially satisfying future as an adult means as much to them as Snapchat does to most of us. They see nothing beyond the next day, no viable reason for their existence to continue any further than tomorrow.

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And sadly, some right here in Happy Valley jumped on the political bandwagon as quick as they could, provided the “information” they discovered fit their current narrative so they could use the latest murder of school kids to promote their selfish agenda.

“He is a Trump lover!”

“He is a Trump hater!”

“He’s transgender!”

“The transgender’s father is an illegal immigrant!”

Good grief.

Regardless of the veracity of each, whichever finger pulls the trigger is the one responsible, not the acronym on their silly hat, the insulting phrase on their t-shirt, the pointless party they are registered with, which deity they believe in, what video games they play, movies they watch, music they listen to or porn sites they frequent.

All are prevalent around the globe, but repeated school massacres are for the most part exclusive to children of the United States.

And while the little killers should certainly be held accountable, in most cases the parents are just as liable.

They are the ones who chose to ignore the daily warning signs of insecurity, loneliness, and denials of reality. They gave up attempting to communicate out of frustration with their own lives, afraid to ask questions for fear answers might upset little Johnny. In most cases, they are the ones making available the weapon of choice for the murdering punks to choose from.

We need to accept the fact that the underlying problem is not only with the trigger-happy kids, but the hands-free parents.

I freely admit to not having any easy answers, as any deranged individual intent on killing will find a weapon one way or the other, whether it’s a gun, a car or a plastic fork.

There is no instant fix, no magic pill, no government policy change that can suddenly transform each and every unhappy and disillusioned teenager into a bubbly young adult eager for life’s challenges. It takes parents being parents 24/7, with no paid vacation, no time off, and no financial bonus for a job well done; just the mere satisfaction of raising a well-rounded human being in a dangerous world.

And that’s just a start.

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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