Carnes: Loved DPD drinking VBC at BOP |

Carnes: Loved DPD drinking VBC at BOP

It was one of those flawless mornings, the bluebird of happiness kind we dream of year-round but rarely have the actual pleasure of experiencing.

Over half a foot of white gold blanketing the valley overnight, 10 inches on the mountain, and my first view across the valley was a picture-perfect postcard of a winter wonderland.

After a few hours the clouds parted, leaving a glorious southern sun to take control, which means it was time to plow, or in my case, blow, but plow sounds a tad less twisted.

An hour later the driveway was clear but the clouds and snow returned, heavier this time, and before mid-afternoon plowing was again needed, thus qualifying as a Double Plow Day (DPD).

The smile never left my face, even though the Birds of Prey (BOP) races were canceled.

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Flip to Saturday morning, and this time the view was even more magnificent with sunshine as I drove my wife to work in Beaver Creek (BC) at 7 a.m., the entire drive a visual tribute to what lured so many of us here in the first place.

After watching the United States men’s national team’s run at the World Cup come to a disappointing finish, I returned to BC for the men’s skiing World Cup where Ryan Cochran-Siegle led the Americans, which led me straight to the Beers of Prey (also known as BOP, but one with a potential hangover) to collect my annual BOP 3-ounce sampler collectible beer glass (usually plastic, but let’s not split hairs) to use for the afternoon.

Imagine my surprise to be handed an 8-ounce monster sampler, thinking, “Wow, we’re gonna have to be extra careful with sample pours into this truly World Cup cup.”

Imagine my next surprise for the first pour and being told, “No, we can’t pour into those. Here, use one of these disposable plastic cups instead for each pour.”

What the fudge, I was not allowed to use my BOP World Cup cup and instead had to use a separate toss-in-the-trash-after-each-use cup for each sample?

For a resort constantly patting itself on the back for environmental accomplishments, a few hours later each trashcan was overflowing with thousands of single-use plastic cups, most patrons shaking their heads in disbelief at the absurdity of it all.

Anyway, after an afternoon of sampling and especially enjoying my all-around favorite Vail Brewing Company (VBC) offerings, we headed home to watch the official NBC coverage of the downhill, just to see how the network portrays our personal nirvana.

American results aside, it was entertaining to watch the opening scene for a Beaver Creek TV ad be a “live” shot from Patrol HeadQuarters (PHQ) … in Vail.

Luckily the remaining shots were actually in BC, but hey, at least the announcers wouldn’t stop raving about all the snow and the wonderful conditions on the mountain.

Talk about positive (and sort of free) advertising, if one ignores the costs of the TV ad.

Suffice to say the 2022 BOP ended with a perfect bit of TLC (Talented Local Celebrity) as our own River Radamus skyrocketed from a 57th start all the way to a 16th-place finish, and congrats to our other own Queen Mikaela as Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, her king, continued to rule the kingdom of men’s World Cup racing by winning both races both days.

Leaving me looking forward to the next DPD, ASAP.

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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