Carnes: Nine more weeks of doom and gloom |

Carnes: Nine more weeks of doom and gloom

Both completely scripted political conventions are over, and what have we learned?

Nothing new.

Absolutely nothing whatsoever to change a single person’s mind.

But then again, the main point of each convention is little more than an opportunity for each speaker to preach to their respective choir, reinforcing beliefs and ideologies so they can spend the next nine weeks attempting to sway independent (non-affiliated) voters to vote for their beliefs and ideologies. It’s frivolous pomp and circumstance for the closed minds on both sides, no more eye-opening or revealing than the town of Vail claiming skier parking could be “problematic” during Christmas week.

While the Democrats were as predictable as a Texan (Californian, Floridian, New Yorker, take your pick) going the wrong way in a roundabout, I was really hoping Republicans would grow a pair and nominate an actual Republican, but alas, the Trumplicans kept their cult running for a little while longer.

Like every other issue, whether it’s the teen-sex-obsessed QAnon nuts on the right or the defund the police nuts on the left, there will always be radical extremists on both sides desperately attempting to convince the majority of us in the middle that “their way is the correct way,” while promising “doom and gloom” if we don’t comply.

Pretty much the same as every political party and religion mankind has ever created.

But other than one having half of the speeches given by those with the same last name, there really wasn’t much difference between the two conventions.

Both candidates claim the other side is trying to stop people from voting, stifling free speech, and the world as we know it will end if the other side wins.

Both candidates are accused of profiting financially from their elected positions and have been accused over the years of being “creepy” with women.

Both claim to have a deity on their side, but neither details — with proof — which deity they’re alluding to.

Both would rather shout, “It’s all their fault!” rather than make even the slightest attempt to solve problems together and, “You will not be safe in (insert either one’s) America.”

One candidate has no platform but commands blind obedience while the other has a platform but cannot blindly agree on anything.

One claims to be the only one that can save us from the mess we’re in now while one says the mess we’re in now is because of the other guy.

One claims the only way they can lose is if the other side cheats, racism doesn’t exist and rioting gangs will flood suburban neighborhoods while the other claims cheating is rare, racism is worse than ever and peaceful protests are a cornerstone of democracy.

On the plus side, both say all police should be supported (except for the ones committing crimes) and all protesters should be supported (except for the ones committing crimes).

Their methodologies for dealing with both differ greatly, however.

No matter how you look at it, we have nine more weeks of lies, personal insults and fact-free insinuations to endure being spread across the wide spectrum of media, and with independent voters being the majority (40%, with both Democrats and Republicans consistently ranging around 30% each), it is those of us without party affiliations that will decide the winner.

Ignore the media onslaught, think for yourself, and choose wisely.

Cuz’ we’re all gonna die if you don’t.

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