Carnes: No thanks given to many this year |

Carnes: No thanks given to many this year

Most go out of their way to give thanks this week.

It’s usually thanks to loved ones, family members, friends, perhaps job opportunities or life situations that went one way as opposed to another.

I myself have been doing it on this very page this very week for a few decades now, but I’m pretty sure no one really cares what makes Dick tick with a smile, so instead let’s cover what’s causing me to wince of late.

For starters, no thanks are given to the view of Beaver Creek and Bachelor Gulch from my house in Wildridge, as I still see green on the golf course and nothing but grays and browns surrounding the Ritz. The snow guns are going nuts all the way down Gold Dust and over on the Birds of Prey Downhill course (Sunday morning), and at least the World Cup races aren’t canceled, especially with daily highs in the 40s from now until the end of the month.

Whether it’s due to global warming, climate change or Chinese weather manipulation, it sucks.

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No thanks are given that murder is now legal in Wisconsin and this week will probably become legal in Georgia as well. Same for those refusing to admit that no one would have died had the armed teenager not been there in the first place, nor the difference if the armed teenager was a person of color.

No thanks given to the white nationalists praising the teenager for getting away with murder and encouraging other racists groups to “buy firearms and form Christian militias as the bible and our Constitution allows.” Same for the clueless in Portland who apparently have made it a life goal to stereotype themselves into liberal logic oblivion.

No thanks given to those condemning President Biden’s comments on the subject (“The jury system works, and we have to abide by it”), which were meant to instill calmness across the nation, as more violence would simply play into the hands of those desperately pushing for conflict.

No thanks given to the willfully ignorant continuing to pretend not to understand the reality of worldwide fuel prices and how they are not connected to the Oval Office.

No thanks given to the anti-vaccine bobbleheads around the world responsible for COVID-19 and all of its repercussions lasting much longer than it had to due to their ignorance of science and insistence on making the issue political.

No thanks given to those still complaining about the wording of local ballot issues, the testosterone-filled yahoos who think the “Godfather in Cowboy hats” TV show (some call it “Yellowstone”) is based on reality and for the Bonfire Brewery taproom being closed due to “liquor license discrepancy.”

Whew … now that I have that out of my system, it’s time to play George Winston’s “Thanksgiving” album, close my eyes, and smile at the thought of being surrounded by those I love and love me in return.

I am also thankful for my three boys, one beautiful and very patient wife that still enjoys being seen with me in public, one incredible daughter-in-law, an amazing grandson, real friends (you know who you are), fake acquaintances (ditto), beer, golf, skiing and that I get to enjoy them all in Happy Valley.

And let’s just all be thankful that at least one of the mountains is open.

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