Carnes: Oh, the sweet political irony of it all |

Carnes: Oh, the sweet political irony of it all

I joke a lot, but do not wish ill upon anyone — ever — especially when serious enough to become a life or death issue.

OK, admittedly I would have happily been one of the millions of fingers metaphorically pulling the trigger that blew the brains out of Osama bin Laden, but other than that one time, well, you know what I mean.

But seriously, who in the world knew this election’s October surprise would be so politically ironic?

The man known proudly by some as one who never backs down or admits a mistake, no matter how absurd the comment or action, and promoted ignoring the science on a “hoax” virus while claiming “it affects virtually nobody” has now been infected with the deadliest pandemic to hit the planet since 1918 (not including HIV/AIDS).

I wish for nothing but a complete recovery to all those infected, yes, including ImPotus, his wife, and all the others who attended last week’s Rose Garden superspreader event.

What I really wish, however, is for ImPotus to step down and an actual Republican to jump in the ring against Biden. Yet as the saying goes, “If wishes and buts were candy and nuts, none us would ever be under quarantine and 2020 would have already ended” (or something like that).

It will be entertaining to see how long it takes for him to call reporting of his hospitalization as fake news, and of course the instantaneous agreement by all Trumpettes.

Nevertheless, it is sad to see reactions from the extreme left celebrating and hoping for a quick death. This is just as immoral and tasteless as the extreme right celebrating the death of RBG, and who can forget the right-wing conspiracy theories questioning Hillary Clinton’s fitness to serve as president when she contracted pneumonia back in September of 2016 or the call for her to be shot for treason?

They are all just drunk uncles at Thanksgiving, relegated to the kids table out in the garage so the little ones have someone to laugh at.

Anyway, irony scores again when you realize the individual currently receiving the best health care in the world is the same person that has spent the last four years trying to take it away from others.

After flagrantly snubbing competent medical advice for six months, the clinically obese 74-year-old is suddenly back to calling it the coronavirus, not the China Plague, and promoting the “we’re all in this pandemic together” mantra.

What is the cure for such ironic behavior? I don’t know — perhaps it’s being hooked up to a slow Clorox drip, or Joe Biden saying, “Stay positive, man!”

Biden has not actually said that, of course, but it is funny.

Again, I sincerely hope they all recover, but I’d bet good money that when it happens, ImPotus will declare how easy it was to beat, what with his amazing physical prowess and all, prompting new calls against mask-wearing and a quick return to attacking his opponent’s dead son and promoting white nationalism.

Maybe the most ironic will be reminiscent of Lindsey Graham’s karmic declaration of, “I want you to use my words against me,” as perhaps “it all will just disappear, like a miracle,” or it could be the obliviously ignorant irony of walking around Vail’s Farmers Market wearing an ImPotus-Pence 2020 face mask.

But like Mexico paying for a wall, the coal industry returning and locking up Hillary, don’t bet on it.

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