Carnes: Patience not the only thing running thin |

Carnes: Patience not the only thing running thin

We’ve completed every puzzle we could find, watched every movie and TV show we were even the least bit interested in, and experimented with more kitchen recipes than Vail Resorts furloughs.

Ever tried a ham and cheese smoothie?


But as a way of enforcing some semblance of a diet, trying to keep the inane body mass index down, my bride insisted we try using chopsticks for every meal. Breakfast oatmeal has been a challenge.

We recently had a neighborhood cleanup and BBQ dinner in the cul-de-sac, and I never heard social distancing being discussed, yet it was observed without any issues, almost as if it were natural. Besides, one does not actually “practice” social distancing; either you do the drill or you don’t. I don’t judge either way.

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It was kinda sad though when the neighbor’s dog refused to shake hands anymore.

Options for “getting out of Dodge” are currently limited, but we are considering camping up at Sylvan Lake once the weather cooperates.

Hopefully, I can show a copy of this column to prove we’re locals.

One day last week the “Good Morning America” weatherman was wearing the same blue and white neck gaiter with the Vail logo that I’ve been wearing whenever I leave the house (I have three of them).

Yes, I wash them each time I return, why do you ask?

I see where some are still pounding their chests about “Fail Resorts” refunds and not receiving their monies worth on the ski mountain because of the early closing. Besides the obvious “read the fine print and deal with it,” I admit it was a cute nickname over 20 years ago, but haters need to come up with something new.

Around the state overall crime, traffic accidents and DUIs are down dramatically, but domestic violence is up drastically. Along with drug dealers having real issues getting products to their customers, I suppose we have to take the good with the bad.

Hey, next Monday (the 25) we are “allowed” to start skiing blue runs again.

Yes, the “Transition Trail Map” put out by Eagle County is at least an attempt to provide a guideline, but I don’t mind saying the “Five Commitments of Containment” reminds me of high school kids signing a pledge to not touch alcohol and remain virgins until they graduate.

I fully expect similar results.

Sure, some adults around here are acting like children on the Vail Daily website and social media in general, but come on, “we’re all in this together” (cue the gag reflex).

The big jump between blue and black trails, besides “gathering size” (50 max to 250 max), is simply when “non-resident” visitors are allowed to be here in a “limited” amount and then “open” to all. Like demanding only locals use local trails right now, how in the world could this ever be regulated?

I suppose we could demand all cars getting off on Eagle County exits show proper financial statements before being allowed to continue. But, of course, any private planes landing at the Jet Center will have automatic approval.

There, that was easy.

Also, next Monday is Memorial Day, hooray. Finally, a day to relax and not have to leave the house

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