Carnes: Pity the poor ‘Shoe Hilt’ nations; but are we surprised Trump said such things? (column) |

Carnes: Pity the poor ‘Shoe Hilt’ nations; but are we surprised Trump said such things? (column)

Richard Carnes
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Anagrams can be entertaining, and useful, as well, if the original word is inappropriate for publishing in a family newspaper.

Yes, the Shoe Hilt nations referenced by our genius orator-in-chief are taking a very undeserved hit on the international scene, but I truly am perplexed at the outrage over the man’s words.

Why are we surprised?

At all?

Sure, he’s saying what some people presumably are thinking, but I have no doubt that “some” is the defining word in this sentence.

Most Americans — most human beings, in fact — are not thinking that way, but we’re kidding ourselves if we think the thoughts belong solely to the xenophobic man-child who is constantly providing new meaning for the words “White House.”

Of course President Donald Trump is a racist but, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s nephew said last week, not a racist in an old-school way of thinking, just “racially ignorant and racially uninformed.”

Doesn’t that make you feel better?

I suppose the man simply can’t help it. Being born and raised a child of privilege, never venturing out from a bubble of protection, his sphere of reality shields him from the worldwide atrocities mankind executes upon one another due to skin color.

I truly feel sorry for him (although I reserve the right to change my mind). He is the epitome of the Ugly American, an image many of us constantly strive to erase.

Like the idiot who pushed the wrong button in Hawaii on Saturday morning, Jan. 13, causing temporary panic across the islands, Trump pushes the Bigot Button (not to be confused with the “Biggest”) half the time his mouth is open, yet remains clueless to the consequences from his own words.

Well, you ask, if these nations really are so full of “shoe,” then why do so many of their citizens want to immigrate to America?

The vast majority leaves due to political and/or religious persecution, and some are merely looking for opportunities to better themselves and their families.

I don’t blame any of them for trying.

But people from socialist “Whitelandia” don’t really have any reason to leave their beloved homeland, so while we can and should be more selective with an extremely enhanced vetting process, I don’t see Nordics helping to solve our immigration issues.

Besides, four American soldiers were killed fighting terrorism in one of these “Shoe Hilt” countries barely three months ago, and there are more than 6,000 more American troops stationed in more than 50 African nations as we speak, so along with hundreds of American diplomats and their staff, each has a much higher risk of danger thanks to the insensitivity of a man with the diplomatic skills of Biff from “Back to the Future.”

Either way, the “Citrus Tramp” (anagram for “racist Trump”) who uses his words to demean and belittle those he feels are beneath him (which is apparently all of us) has bigger stumbles on the horizon with his highly anticipated “Fake News Awards” and, of course, our federal government going broke this Friday.

Stay tuned.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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