Carnes: Plenty of ‘wars’ for this Christmas (column) |

Carnes: Plenty of ‘wars’ for this Christmas (column)

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War comes in many shapes and sizes.

Americans are currently enduring the war on women, public education, minorities, civil liberties, drugs, terror and poverty, among others, but at least the annual tirade by disgraced pervert Bill O’Reilly has taken a backseat this year to a potential real war, sadly though it might come complete with the blood and guts of American soldiers.

But before any of you get your evangelical panties in a wad, fear not, for the insecure narcissist with the maturity and intellectual capacity of a 12-year-old known as President Donald Trump has assured American zealots that shouting, “Merry Christmas!” is no longer disallowed under his administration.

Of course, it was never banned in the first place, but hey, don’t let that stop you from cheering that it’s no longer banned.

Anyway, our national security adviser, H.R. McMaster (replacement for flipper Michael “Lock her up!” Flynn) says the likelihood of war breaking out with China’s puppet, North Korea, is “increasing every day,” so we can all look forward to even more deflections from the tweeter-in-chief.

And speaking of tweets, now we’re suddenly supposed to believe others draft his incriminating tweets?

Good grief, I don’t recall ever hearing the term “fake news” until we had a fake president who instead of getting anything done focuses on getting even with anyone and everyone who has dared to criticize him.

It would be nice if he would focus on the federal government running out of money Friday, Dec. 8, as opposed to tweeting anti-Muslim videos from a white nationalist website to insult our No. 1 ally (England) and insulting “Native American Code Talkers” with his Pocahontas references. (I’m pretty sure those being honored deciphered the president’s code words as: racist bigotry.)

He did mention to confidants that a government shutdown could be good for him politically, so at least we know he is partially aware of the ramifications, even if it is sociopathic behavior.

We have the Senate wrapping up a Yuletide gift of fresh coal to enhance its current war on the middle class with almost 500 pages of partially hand-written sweeping tax reform that nobody had time to read.

Sure, state and local tax deductions will be gone, which means the dreaded double taxation (the same dollars being taxed twice) that will cost most of us more in taxes each year, but it is not actual law yet.

But what a Christmas present if it passes.

And then there is the war on common decency known as the Jerry Springer show down in Alabama in anticipation of the Roy Moore vote next Tuesday.

Let’s see, we have a candidate accused of sexual molestation refusing to discuss details other than insisting all accusers are liars.

Where, oh where, have we seen this script before?


I suppose as long as there is no war on snow, here in Happy Valley we can focus on what’s really important, like actual snowfall (hopefully it’s coming down while you read this), Christmas season and Mikaela winning a downhill.

We can happily ignore the wars until next year.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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