Carnes: Real Republicans staying silent |

Carnes: Real Republicans staying silent

In a not-surprising-in-the-least twist of strategy, GOP members with a modicum of political intelligence have chosen to remain eerily quiet lately, but especially these last few weeks.

There are now two sects of the Grand Old Party, with the real GOP of the last 100 years now hiding behind the new Party of Trump, holding their collective noses as they bizarrely follow the liberal creed of “See something, say something, yet do absolutely nothing.”

They are pretending to be a part of POT as they hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, and with the new addendum, “admit no evil.”

And they are doing it all quietly, gambling America’s future on the premise that Republican voters will stay loyal in spite of POT’s reign of corruption, relatively confident it might soon end.

My have times have changed.

Growing up in the middle of conservative North Dallas in the ’60s and ’70s, it was perfectly normal to support the GOP, as I never knew anyone that would consider voting otherwise.

My Grandmother made it sound so simple at the time: “Republicans like things the way they are and Democrats want things to change.”

I liked “things” the way they were, therefore I saw no reason for things to change, so I happily referred to myself as a Republican. Every family member, cousin and neighbor was making the same claim with a sense of pride, so why shouldn’t I?

Sure, simple biology confirms no infant is born a Republican or
Democrat any more than one is born a Muslim or a Christian (all are born non-theist), but asserting unassailable positions from birth is where all this partisan nonsense sadly begins in the first place.

Although never voting a “ticket,” I probably have voted for GOP candidates a few more times than not, but it was always the individual, never the party.

And then, sadly, Sarah Palin happened.

Along with the Tea Party, GOP members began spending the majority of their time on abortion, gay marriage and the birther nonsense, as if those were the top three most pressing issues in America.

They wasted so much time fighting over who would tax less and who’s been friends with Jesus longer that they lost sight of their core principles of lower taxes, free-market capitalism, individualism, limited governing powers, etc.

This temporary POT party has turned the GOP into the party of corruption, indictments, convictions, white nationalism, alternative facts, “truth isn’t truth” fear and hate, just to name a few of its more popular characterizations.

Honest GOP members know this cannot and will not last, so although most are continuing to tow the party line when it comes to sound bites and House voting, they’re silently strategizing for the return of the real Republican party.

I just hope they don’t stay silent too much longer.

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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