Carnes: Second chance for first impressions |

Carnes: Second chance for first impressions

Conventional wisdom states one cannot experience something for the first time twice.

I say nay-nay.

Like many of you, I enjoyed the first turns of the Vail Mountain season on Nov. 15, providing me the opportunity to experience my opening season runs for the 36th time.

Skiing every run available (all three!), my friends and I then spent a wonderful late afternoon on Pepi’s deck, saying hi to Sheika and Mayor Bones, and congratulating Kevin Foley on his brilliant “bang for your buck” re-election a few weeks ago.

Not too many can claim victory after spending damn near a full quarter (yes, 24.7 cents) for every 100 votes.

Anyway, last Saturday I had my second chance for a few first runs of the season, only this time is was down Beaver Creek, where I tried out a new pair of boots while enjoying fresh hot chocolate chip cookies and my first overpriced beer of the holidays.

It was wonderful, especially the Apex boots, which performed even better than expected while keeping my feet comfortable in ski boots for the first time since I climbed out of diapers.

My first impressions for both days were just as great as they are every year, meaning I felt, and probably acted, like the 24-year-old young man I was when first arriving in Happy Valley (had more than one beer, but my beautiful wife drove home).

Perhaps I should call it a “first chance to make a second impression.”

Other examples abound throughout the valley.

Developers in Edwards are providing first looks for the second time at the Edwards RiverPark project, which was the West End Project proposed before the economy flushed down the stock market toilet.

Mtn Hive in Edwards is a second look at the “Miami Vice-lookin’ thang” proposed a decade ago, only this time Crockett and Tubbs have to share a bathroom.

Minturn has a second chance for a first impression on the Battle Mountain/Bolts lake project, and this time they’re de-annexing.

The town of Eagle is preparing a first look for the second time at the old Eagle River Station project.

Can’t wait for the protests.

Four times now guests have experienced first impressions at the Westin in Vail, which became The Cascade, then Hotel Talisa, and now the Grand Hyatt.

It’s still the same building.

Commercial delivery drivers in Vail Village get brand spanking new first impressions every winter when they receive the latest protocols for delivering at 7 a.m. without disturbing guests.

Those living in Happy Valley less than 20 years have never experienced the sights and sounds of Thomas the Train barreling up and down the corridor, but if plans are approved, they will get their first impression to wait at railroad crossings, wondering why in the hell they thought West Beaver Creek Boulevard would be faster than using the roundabouts on Avon Road.

Booth Heights?

Well, let’s just say that one was the first impression for everyone for the first time, and hopefully the last.

I would love to have a second chance for a first impression on last week’s reveal of Tesla’s Cybertruck, as maybe I’ll like the way it looks the second time.

But I seriously doubt it.

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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