Carnes: Still waiting for character defense of our Twitter-in-Chief (column) |

Carnes: Still waiting for character defense of our Twitter-in-Chief (column)

Richard Carnes
My View

One of the best attributes of having a free press is the ability for those under said umbrella of freedom having their opinions expressed freely. Not free from consequences, of course, but free nonetheless to be expressed.

I have asked repeatedly on this very page over the past 18 months for supporters of our Twitter-in-Chief to please explain their support of his behavior and attitudes, which are — in my opinion — the basis of his character. I’ve asked readers of the Vail Daily to please share what they think about the man, the myth, the president.

Defend what he says, how he says it, what he does, how he does it and the consequences of all the above.

Yet they very rarely do.

Oh, sure, they’ll complain every once in a while about this newspaper or a few of its weekly commentators being unfair toward Trump, yet none apparently has the ability or gumption to actually defend the man publicly.


While a few perhaps tried, all they ended up doing was deflecting toward Obama or in most cases tossing in a Clinton or two; anything to not defend Trump.

Is it simply a fear of jeopardizing business opportunities in the valley or a fear of public ridicule?

Man, talk about strong principles.

There has been one person, one individual who has written personally to me every so often for the sole purpose of telling me how much he loves Trump.

One person.

He is a nice guy that I’ve known for quite a long time here in Happy Valley. He does not attack me or the Vail Daily for any reason, and his only defense of Trump is he loves the way “The Donald” continues to “rock the boat.”

Hard point to argue, but “abandoned ship” is a more apt metaphor.

Anyway, the twice divorced president with five children from three wives insults anyone who dares to criticize him and often applies childish nicknames in retaliation (I do the same, but hey, I’m not the friggin’ president).

He openly bragged about grabbing women without their permission, has been accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women, including a “dark and stormy night” public fling with a porn star after the birth of his latest child.

How do evangelicals rationalize such behavior?

It’s a serious question.

He promised to release his taxes and to build a giant wall using only pesos and has grown an inch taller in his 70s.

None of which he’s actually done.

He attacks Gold Star families, actors, actresses and judges with “Mexican-sounding names,” threatens to sue the free press and ridicules the FBI and indeed the entire U.S. Justice System while calling himself a genius.

He promised to run America like his businesses, and just like the six times he has filed bankruptcy, the federal government has now shut down (unless it has since changed).

I’m not asking anyone to defend his policies or accomplishments so far, such as they are, I’m asking for defense of his character, rationalization for support of a man with what I deem to be very low moral standards and highly questionable business ethics.

My goal is not to judge, but to understand, and I’ve been asking for a long time with no answers. It’s absolutely free to give it a try here in the Vail Daily, and it is your First Amendment right to do so (although they reserve the right to not publish, as well).

Please, somebody, give it a shot; inquiring minds are begging to understand.

And I’m still waiting.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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