Carnes: Thanksgiving’s over, now what? |

Carnes: Thanksgiving’s over, now what?

“Hooray, we survived the first round of holiday guests!”

Why do you say that?

“November just ended and our Eagle County cases are going down!

But hospitalizations are up, and if there’s an uptick from the holidays it won’t start showing for at least another week or two.

“Yeah, well, it’s only affecting old people and out-of-shape people anyway, so why should the rest of us have to suffer? If you’re scared to walk around or go skiing, don’t walk around or go skiing, just sit at home and be afraid.”

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Well, for one thing, the highest percentage of infected in Eagle County are ages 20 to 29.

“None of them have died, so what’s your point?”

The point, you selfish twit, is as much as we like to pretend here in Happy Valley, none of us actually live in a bubble, especially those aged 20 to 29. People have a right to live their lives however they wish, but not when it’s to the detriment, and potential hospitalization, of others.

“Why do you have to be such a negative Nancy?”

Why do you have to be such a delusional Donna?

And on and on it goes as local keyboard epidemiologists refuse to wear masks, still call it a hoax or a flu while insisting with cult-like delusions that the whole thing is an overblown political stunt.

Yes, over a quarter of a million Americans and 1.5 million worldwide have died just to embarrass ImPotus.

Anyway, choosing to ignore those allowing conspiratorial emotions to override rational thought, I did see positive signs all around the valley last week.

While the crowds did not appear to be as large as anticipated, everywhere I went, including City Market and Walmart, I saw nary a soul without a mask.

Not one.

Standing in lines, I did not hear a single person complaining out loud. Of course there were a lot of jokes and smart remarks, but none were nasty, none attacking those simply trying to do their jobs.

No lift lines for me yet, however, as I can’t ski until Christmas due to shoulder surgery, but I have heard of a few issues with people appointing themselves SDP’s (Social Distancing Police), going out of their way to shame others for not conforming to whatever they believe to be correct conduct on a ski mountain.

So I am curious, especially with the hypocrisy of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Gov. Jared Polis and his partner both being infected and the sudden emergence of SDPs, if we end up being forced to shut down again, who are you going to blame?

The federal government, the state, the county, the town of Vail, Vail Resorts, the CDC, Anthony Fauci, President-Elect Biden, the Bronco QBs, the Texan that cut you off in the roundabout or your next-door neighbor for not wearing a mask?

So many to blame, except ourselves I suppose.

Makes me wonder if we’ll ever realize the virus is the real enemy, not each other.

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