Carnes: The final Trump column |

Carnes: The final Trump column

The final episode of “The Trump Show” is finally about to air, and just about everyone on all four sides is staring blankly at media sites, waiting with bated breath to see if the Trump Error ends with a bang or a whimper.

I’m going with a quick bang (if he gets his despot military sendoff he so desperately craves) fading into a long and mostly ignored whimper.

For the uninitiated, the four sides are Democrats, Republicans, Trumplicans and those of us known as Independents — you know, the ones who vote for a candidate, not a party.

Will impeached ImPotus pardon himself, his family, and perhaps those currently sitting in jail for the recent coup attempt?

I don’t know, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t really care at this point as accountability will occur one way or another.

How about Steve Bannon, his former right-hand-racist indicted for fraud and money laundering concerning the ill-fated and pointless wall scam, who is currently out on $5 million bond and suddenly back in the Trump fold?

The religious of the far-right extremists are still right there with him too, as Evangelist Franklin Graham compared members of the GOP that dared to vote for Impeachment (the sequel) to Judas, a betrayal only rivaled to that of Jesus Christ.

And speaking of mythical magical-being metaphors, Trump himself said back in October that only Christ is more famous than he is.

I envision John Lennon flipping in his grave over that one.

It is rather ironic, though, that in 2016 he ran on a platform of criminals invading our country from Mexico and we needed a wall to protect us, and now the only wall being built is around the capitol. And curiously, I just read the first article in a few years about “caravans of illegals” suddenly once again “invading” our southern border.

Wow, what a coincidence?

Face it, the Trump brand, such as it is, has been heading downhill ever since he rode the down escalator to announce his candidacy, his legacy now relegated to the ash bin of history, the initials DT from this point forward standing for Domestic Terrorism.

And come on, admit it, the majority of those 74 million votes were for a Republican, as opposed to a Democrat, not for Trump himself.

Yes, there are those who still go down on their knees, bowing towards Mar-A-Largo three times a day, but their numbers will continue to dwindle with time.

And sadly there will be violent acts committed around the country this week by those stuck with their sense of entitlement and everlasting childhood of “I’m the boss and everyone should listen to me!”

A number of deaths are anticipated, both of innocents and law enforcement along with a few proud members of white nationalists mobs now known as Trump terrorists.

And probably a few more anarchist types like the Boogaloo Bois (who dropped the ‘y’ for some bizarre reason, perhaps to sound more European) who don’t support Trump, or anyone else for that matter, but only themselves. They also wear Hawaiian shirts under their body armor, which I take personal affront to as a proud 35-year member of the Vail Precision Lawn Chair Demonstration Team.

That’s our thing “boys,” back off.

To sum up the last four years: Mexico never paid for a wall, North Korea is a bigger threat than ever, coal jobs are toast, the tariff “war” was won by China, the national debt was not eliminated (it grew by $7 trillion), ISIS is still killing innocent people and the con man never released his taxes.

Oh, and the NRA is bankrupt and moving to Texas.

Either way, there’s only a few days left to see our promised new and improved health care.

I’m beginning to think we might not ever see it.

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