Carnes: The GOP needs to grow a pair and stand up to Trump (column) |

Carnes: The GOP needs to grow a pair and stand up to Trump (column)

Richard Carnes
Valley Voices

Prepare for the scare because Tuesday night’s State of the Union address by The Boy Who Cried Wall will be full of shouts claiming brown boogeymen in “caravans of terror” and “build a wall and crime will fall!” while also claiming credit for low unemployment and the Patriots winning another Super Bowl because the head coach said “nice things” about him.

In other words, it will be a Nixonian-styled, bipolar vortex of confusion worthy of an NFL referee at a Saints game — the blind leading the blind.

One side will be tripping all over each other in an attempt to have dear leader observe how enthusiastically they are clapping for him while the other side will engage in an eye-rolling contest in hopes a network camera will catch them proving their disdain for the entire event.

Talking heads will spend all day today telling us what he is going to say, he will then say something completely different, and then those same talking heads will try to make sense of what he said while GOP members will immediately begin each sentence with, “Look, what the president meant was (fill in the blank)…”

What a pointless exercise all the way around.

However, it appears to me that mainstream members of the elephant party, especially in the Senate, are finally beginning to remember their purpose: to be a balance to extreme nutjobs on the other side of the aisle while furthering their side’s agenda for the good of the American people (or something like that).

Twice in the last six weeks, the Senate has voted against the president’s wishes. Once to stop assisting the Saudis in their personal vendetta against Yemen and again just last week to vehemently disagree with Donald Trump’s insistence that ISIS is defeated, the Taliban are no longer a threat, Iran is building nuclear weapons and North Korea is not.

Hooray, they are finally standing up to the “win at all costs” attitude of he-who-opposes-intelligence, and in spite of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ insistence that her version of a magical deity wanted Trump to be president, even Mitch McConnell realizes mythology has nothing to do with reality.

Tuesday night, when the man says we’re already building a wall but he’s calling a national emergency because he needs American money to build a wall (quick head spin), GOP members should sit in unison and refuse to applause, as executive overreach was a huge concern for the founding fathers and should be for them as well.

Like crappy parents who didn’t realize they were enabling a rotten child by overlooking bad behavior in order to keep the peace, they finally see through the veil of steer guano that, yes, intelligence chiefs from the FBI, CIA and NSA are perhaps more trustworthy than a man insisting quotes from a live interview were “terribly misquoted.”

Go figure.

So while he is threatening a national emergency Tuesday night, remember not one of the Trump-appointed intelligence agency heads testifying before Congress last week mentioned anything about an “emergency” on our southern border.

Besides, like planning out ad-libs, pre-planning an emergency kind of negates the whole “emergency” part.

Let’s just hope McConnell and his minions continue growing a pair (along with the eight current female senators who already possess more cajones than their male counterparts) in their quest for political enlightenment toward who it is they actually work for.

And that would be us.

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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